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Trek Letter #10

Well it has being far too long since I did a trek letter but tonight I feel in the mood for a Trek letter as part of the ongoing Meanderfave Homework.


As Trek Letter ten is titled “Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to” So for some reason my JJVerse 24th Century Xenktid wants to write to Emmylou.

For those not familiar with my JJVerse 24th Century stories, they are set after the Dominion War, which the Federation Allies did (just) win but at a heavier price.

Like in my Prime verse Emmylou and Xenktid are friends since there Cadet days but unlike in the prime verse Xenktid is the darling of the Federation , the great warrior who brilliance was vital to the defeat of the Dominion especially as she is the new and first non-human (She a Centuran) Captain of the USS Enterprise.

While too many of the Federation Emmylou is the villain of Starfleet, as she destroyed Earth Space Dock to keep it out of the hands of the Dominion War when Sol fell.

The fact that she was the most senior officer left alive to co-ordinate the forces that held the line long enough that Starfleet command and the senior Federation Government to evacuate to Tellar, and the so Federation survived long enough for Xenktid (and Emmylou) to strategize the plan that turned the tide and won the fight.


While most people with tactical awareness and thinking with their head accepted that Earth Space Dock had to be destroyed or the Dominion would have easily taken Tellar and New Vulcan within the week and ended the Federation resistance, the majority of people think with their hearts and just feel Emmylou lead the Starfleet abandonment of Earth in that dark hour.


Indeed most Admiral don’t want to admit the truth of that dark day, as such Emmylou has few friend in high places, only one Bolian Admiral publicly stands by her and he got her the command of the USS Copperplate, a war reparation Cardassian Galor class that Starfleet are using to fill their ship short-fall.


However some bitter Starfleet Admirals decided to use the Copperplate to see if the Cardassian command system of Gul and two Glinn (X/O) is better than the traditional Starfleet System since Cardassian ships seem to outperform there equivalent Starfleet vessel during the war. Indeed some Admirals seem to take pleasure in call Emmylou by her Brevity rank of Gul.

Xenktid is trying to be there for her friend Emmylou but leading the line doesn’t leave her much time to talk with her friend.

Anyway onto the Letter.


From: Captain Xenktid USS Enterprise

To: Gul Emmylou USS Copperplate


Dear Em,

Sorry for not writing sooner but I’m still getting use to the amount of bureaucracy that the Enterprise generates for me. I’ve got to admit my workload is helped (and hinder) by the Enterprise crew high efficiency at everything. The speed at which new ideas and suggestion come my way does seem almost scary at time. Still I’m slowly getting used to it and my new yeoman and X/O are both a great help.


Anyway I am pleased that the Admiralty saw sense and gave you your own command, even if it is a just a stinky war reparation Cardassian Galor class, I’m sure you will get a proper ship before long. Though I’ve also heard about the Gul and Glinn command system test they decided to force upon you. Whatever they throw at you I know you will raise to the challenge but in case you need a friend, please message me.


Please remember that you are good person and not the villain some would claim. Anyway I got to run but take care of yourself and I will try to write again soon.

Well wishes


Captain Xenktid.


Well that’s another letter down, as always pictures courtesy of trekcore.
Safe Trekking till next time.

False Bill

The Trek Letter List – No. 9 Write A Letter To someone you wish you could meet

Sorry Real Life has kept me from bloging for a while, but I’m trying to get my writinghead back in the right zone. So I shall do the next Trek Letter.


Which is writing a letter from one of yourcharacter to someone they wish there could meet. Once again I struggle with this prompt, for once not to see how to translate this to the Trek setting because while Roddenberry humans still have heroes they also have the advent of Holodeck which means they can meet a simulation of there heroes anytime they wish. While it might be limited meeting I just feel that it would reduce the wish to write such letters to them.

So I had to go back to the earlier trek eras but still no ideas jump out for any of my normal characters from these eras. Hence the recent quiet blog period, which I try to find the letter.


Then this last fortnight (or so) two things happened that give me an idea the first as per the G&T show recommendation I did indeed watch the ‘Prelude to Axanar’ video on Youtube. Which I do recommend you track down and watch on Youtube if you haven’t already seen it. (I would embedit here but my old compute seem to hate embedding Youtube just don’t ask me why).

The second was while browsing mylocalcomic book store I spotted a discount version (due to minor cover damage) of Keith DeCandido “The Klingon Art of War” which again I felt might help me with inspiration after reading it in a single sitting, I felt it was indeed a good buy.

Having enjoying both of these differenttrek items call up to my mind Lily Klingon equal and antagonist (or at least she will be when I get round to writing more of Lilly USS Argonaut & Axanar voyages) B’sireyr. However in the meantime B’sireyr made a guest appearance in Weekly Free WriteWeek128“gettingSchooled” readable at:-


Now a Klingon wishing to meet a honourable enemy once final time on the field of Battle rather than waste away was the seed for this week blog letter.


For the attention of Lily of Earth,

From: B’sireyr, House of Ruv

Avenue of Blood,

First City,



Dear Honourable enemy Lily of Earth,

I know you were not expecting this letter and indeed given your death a couple of decades ago I don’t believe you would waste drinking time in the human version of Sto’ Vo’ Kor in reading the musing of your old blood enemy.

However as I lay here in my bed, no longer able to rise with the sun and fight.I know death comes closer with it bat’ leth held firmly to end my life, for I see it standing at the end of my bed. So before I ask my son Mukor to help me performmy last duty of Mauk-to’Vor. I intend to write this final letter to the one enemy who I would happily accept losing my life to on the field of battle, for you were indeed such a worthy enemy, something I am not sure that I appreciated during our first few engagements.


However in my many time facing you as a enemy I came to realise that you always help me to understand each of the nine core precept of qeS’a better and in particular the fifth precept: reveal your true self in combat.


For in our various combats in space and on alien worlds around the quadrant I came to realise I was to often controlled by my temper and didn’t value honour appropriately. While you also had awarrioress temper you could cage it long enough to see the bigger picture and pick your enemies and places of battle better than I and still hold true to your strange Federation believes.

However it was upon the ice fields of Kres’gar where you maroon us both, after you rammed your dying ship into mine, thus proving the value of the second precept, strike quickly or strike not. Then during our hellish journeys off those accursed ice fields we both fall manytimes to each other and the elements but in the words of Kahless when he explained the ninth precept, die standing up, “If you fall down eight times, you should get up nine times.” So did we both against the odds.


How I laugh with joy when I heard that you had fought your way off Kres’gar as well, for I look forward to the next opportunity to rejoin our constant battle and try to earn your head on my bat’leth to seal my most worthwhile victory over my favourite enemy.


Yet for all the later grand battles of the four-year war that we both fought in, we did not directly cross bat’leth again till after the war was over but I did hear of your part in the Federation victory at Edina Libirous.


Indeed the last time we meet in the fleshwas during the joint negotiations with the Rakitherians. Where we couldn’t fight directly so I challenge you to the Klingon strategize game of ‘Klin Zha‘ that youaccepted and over several alien drinks we gamed till the K’zinti assassin made the mistake of interrupting us. Thus reveal the truth of who was raiding the Rakitherians.


We never did meet again but I did hear of your death in battle with the legendary James Kirk at that Starfleet retirement home. How I envy you that a death in battle for the old warrioress while fighting alongside one of the greatest warriors of your race and maybe the galaxy has ever seen. Rather than pass away a broken old woman in her daughter guest bed.


I can now hear the sea washing up against the barge of dead and know my battles of this live are done and I have no more time to tell old tales. Perhaps maybe in Sto’vo’kor I will have the chance to meet you again and tell you of the mighty Khitomer Accords between our people that has the whole galaxy shaking or at least speak honestly and openly of my respect for you my warrior sister of the Federation.



The Trek Letter List – No. 8 Write A Letter To your Favorite Internet Friend

Well it time to Blog like a Boss only the daily prompt seems to be missing in action.

So rather than lose out I shall do the next Trek Letter prompt.

Which is writing a letter from one of your character to their favourite Internet friend.


Now technically there isn’t any sign that the federation has a pan-Federation Internet, so I guess the close I’m going to get is a sort of Pen pal by electronic sub-space e-mail. Now this does seem to call for a Chef Naurr Letter.

So without further ado, here is the Cajun Caitian writing to his Best Friend Philippe Rivette.


To Chief Philippe Rivette

Zefram Cochrane

From Naurr



Dear Philiippe,

I’ve just received your last letter and the enclose pictures.

The Cajun part of Earth does indeed appear to be all that you described and much more.

I’m looking forward to visiting it and trying the authentic cooking to see how well I’ve done over the years.


I note from your new address that you serving on Archer new Warp 7 ship, I hear they bigger and better equipped, with more crew. I do hope you make lots of new friends but not so many you forget your old ones.


I believe Captain Gorrim feels a little pass over at the moment as Ariane remains the last NX Cruiser in active service and we are reduced to Coalition border patrol.



He was making some remark about being reduced from scientist and warrior to Starfleet border dog, which I don’t understand as Captain Archer always treats his dog well, do you have any idea what the Captain Gorrim is going on about?

Well I don’t have a lot of news with the Romulan war finally over and us just patrolling Coalition borders. We’re still short staff as Starfleet has assigned the best people to the new Warp Seven ships. I mean Cassandra left to join Captain Erika on the Excalibur last week, which mean of the senior crew you knew only the Captain remains, he had to draft in MACO officers to fill some posts as we not getting new people from command.

I’ve also handed in my notice to the Captain, so my service to Starfleet will end when we get to Earth next month. Captain Gorrim appeared to accept it in good grace but I could see in his eyes made him very sad. I told him I’m going to tour for a while, make my way off to Lafa II, When Lili Beckett offer me a job in her Restaurant, I hope to build up enough money to go home to Cait and start my own Restaurant back home.


Writing of which reminds me I got visited Lili on Lafa II again last fortnight and see her growing clan, I also ran into Commander Reed. I did then Prako Gambaro that they liked.


O but we did get the sign plates in all four languages of the coalition to replace all our old Telarite ones at long last. So means we’ve finally work out what some of the more obscure signs mean. Also with our Coalition exchange program I’m now getting plenty of practice to cook Vulcan, Telarite and Andorian food I shall be able to cook something for everybody.

Other than that is all quiet here on the Ariane, I shall see you next Month.

Your Friend, 




Historical reference, this letter is confirmed as being part of the last transmission Starfleet received from the Ariane NX-04. Which disappearance remains unexplained even in the 25th Century.


As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time, Trek safe this day.


False Bill

The Trek Letter List – No. 7 Write A Letter To your Ex Love


Well after a longer break than I planned it time for FalseBill Blog “the second phase”.

So to get the ball rolling this is my seventh response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters. A letter from one of my character to their ex-love. Which I’ve got to say seems an easy letter to do than some of the other but I’ve struggle for inspiration, then this morning I realize I being think about this wrong. So after the recent Undine attack on USS Ganges; as seen in Dance by the Pale moonlight again (

Here is Emmylou writing to her first love, her first command the Excelsior Class USS Trireme.

So without further ado, here is Admiral Emmylou Galyaski

Hello USS Trireme,

I’m know you didn’t get many letters indeed this might well be your first and last, but as I sit here in the Anastasiastad Colony emergency compound medical bay looking out the window over this old Starfleet facility from the mid 23rd Century, for some reason I’m thinking of the past and you, hence this letter.

I know that you can’t read, comprehend or respond to it especially as you went to the breakers yard over a decade ago. However I need to say thank you and saying it aloud seem slightly more nuts than writing this letter.


So thank you. You big lug, I mean your Enterprise-B variant wide front sensor wings on your secondary hull did make you a bit less graceful than your original sister Excelsior class and you were forever dipping your nose when ever we reversed, which did scare a few helms officers over the years. Though now I do wonder if it wasn’t just a private joke of yours.


I mean I know you were Captain Hooke ship first and you earned your tough as nail reputation amongst the enemies of the Federation long before I came onboard as a fresh face captain.

Yet despite spending the first few years together seemingly always being the Admirals personal Taxi service, we still had fun kick a few pirates’ backsides. I kind of always felt that no matter what I did, no matter how reckless I threw us into the fray you would endure and we would come out the other side with the mission accomplished.


We had a bond that is hard to describe to anyone who has never command a vessel of some type. I think it was a form of love; different from my love of my late husband Scott or my children but after my family I would have done anything to keep you going and get us back to space dock safely for a coat of fresh paint and repairs.


On top of that you were home, an environment where I always felt my children were safe onboard you and you did provide a wonderful environment for a young mother and her children.

I don’t know if they let starship into haven but I hope so as I wish to see you again beyond just that old oil painting of you that is still hanging in my quarters. 

I know I took you for grant and never said thank you for all you did so here it is belatedly thank you for everything. 



As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time, Trek safe this day.


False Bill

The Trek Letter List – No. 6 Write A Letter To A Stranger

This is my latest effort to response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Anyway this is Number six a letter from one of my character to a stranger. Which I’ve got to say at first glance to seems even bit as weird as to write a letter to your dreams but when one thinks about it a lot less strange. Captain needs to send sad letters to families when they need to tell them a love one won’t be returning home.


So without further ado, here is Captain Emmylou Galyaski writing to a stranger, to tell them their child has fallen in the line duty.


To Mrs J. Tarkio,

Titan Boulevard,

New Lima, Enceladus,



From: Captain E. Galyaski

USS Trireme, 



Mrs Tarkio, 

I write with greatest sympathy to sadly inform you that your son Lieutenant Vicente Tarkio has died in the line of duty.


While for tactile reasons I can’t tell you much, what I can tell you is that his sacrifice did allowed the rest of his team to completed their mission and return safety.

While I suspect it will be of little comfort to you, I can tell you that his actions have won him posthumous the Shran Cluster for valour in the line of duty. 

What I can tell you is that he was a well like officer with a very promising future ahead of him. His practical experience of living on Enceladus and working with K-class world colony domes and terra-forming technology has been invaluable to the crew as we provide aid to new colonies.


He was the leading light of the ship’s theatrical company and his updated adaptations of classic plays were always well received by the crew. I understand the ship theatrical company are planning to stage a special memorial play I’ve asked when they do perform it that they record it and forward you a copy.

We have made arrangements for his belongs to be transfer back from the Trireme to you.  I understand his department head Lt. Commander P’kyrr will also be writing to you separately to pass on his own condolence.

I understand Starfleet Command has being in touch to offer counselling support, if they is anything more the service or I can do to help you through this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via Enceladus Station.

We are all poor for his passing and I regret that there is so little I can do but offer you my personal condolence. 


With Deepest sympathies

Captain Emmylou Galyaski


As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time, Trek safe this day.

False Bill

The Trek Letter List – No. 5 Write a Letter to Dreams


This is my latest effort to response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Anyway this is my fifth challenge answer. Which is a letter from one of my character to their dreams. Which I’ve got to say seems a weird thing to write a letter to but let see where this one goes.

So without further ado, Here my AOS or NuTrek Version of James T. Kirk writing to his dreams.



You might wonder why I’m writing you this letter, given this isn’t my normal type of thing but Bones reckon it might do me some good, given my recent lack of sleep to work out what is playing on my mind by studying what my dreams are about.


I don’t have the heart to tell him that the reason I’m not sleeping is the nightmares. I’m the Captain of the Federation’s flagship, and I can’t afford to be weak in front of the crew and especially not in front of Bones.


It just of late my dreams have started to featured friends and family in unfamiliar settings and I’m worried that it might some kind of delay leak from when I shared a mind meld with the older Spock from the pre-Nero timeline.


For some of them I can cope with it, as all I see is myself sitting in the centre seat on the bridge of the Enterprise but it not my bridge. The crew are all there and are the same and yet they’re not. They all seem to be doing the same sort of things but strangely Scotty has black hair not red.


Those dreams are bizarre but not bothersome, it’s the other ones, the ones where I see that other me facing hardships that are getting to me.


The first bothersome dream is the one is the one that seems to echo my recent trip to the heart of the warp core. Where I’m looking out from inside the chamber again but rather than see Spock like I did. I see an older me having to watching me die and unable to help, struggling to say the words that need saying. It hurts but the question that dream leaves me when I wake is how can that be? Did McCoy use Khan Blood to bring Spock back like he did for me or did some other miracle save the other Spock life?


Then there is the one when I standing on a hill of a burning planet and with the crew as we watched the Enterprise burn up in the atmosphere and I hear McCoy voice telling that other me, I’ve done what I’ve always done turn death into a fighting chance to live. Yet despite those words all I can feel is pain and despair as my true home burns up leaving a trail of fire across the sky.

How did they get out of that situation and how was losing the ship, turning death into a fight chance to live? I wish I could find the other Spock to ask him more of that incident perhaps with a little foreknowledge I could save the ship this time around.


The most haunting dream is the one where I’m Spock and I’m sitting at Thanksgiving dinner in the Kirk family farm and Mum is fussing over Peter while Bones and I help her in the Kitchen to prepare the food, despite the age on that other Kirk face, Mum’s face somehow looks a lot less weary than I’ve every recall seeing. Then my (Spock’s) eyes fall on a family portrait that shows Mum and Dad attending my alternative self’s Starfleet graduation ceremony, and I feel envious of that Kirk.

Then I see next to it a picture of Sam with a black border and feel Spock’s pain as I recall Deneva, then the dream changes and I can see an younger Kirk kneeling over the dead body of Sam, the clear look of pain on that Kirk faces as he tries to carry on.


It’s part of the reason I changed the Enterprise patrol route to be closer to Deneva, when we were in that sector last month.


Hence the reason we got to Deneva in the nick of time to save Sam and some of the other colonists it shows that with a little foreknowledge, I can fulfil my promise to Christopher Pike and do better. Still I wonder if by reacting to the dream and saving Sam what other changes I’ve set into flow for this timeline. The worse thing is I can’t shake the feeling that without Dad I’ve hurt Mum in ways that I can’t explain and I don’t know how to fix that, as some flowers on Mothering Sunday and the Federation day of the women, doesn’t seem enough, I can only hope by saving Sam and his family that will take some of the weight off her shoulders.


The final bothersome dream is the one that wakes me and leaves me with questions I don’t know how to tackle, It starts with me, as Spock, standing in a hospital with Bones and I enter a private room, when I enter I see an older Carol, I mean Doctor Marcus sleeping in a bed with that other older me holding her hand, but it obvious from the medical read outs and her half frozen face that she has had a serious stroke and the outlook is very bleak.


I find myself in Spock’s voice saying I’m sorry Jim, but we need to go now, if the peace treaty is to happen; we much reach the rendezvous on time to greet their Flagship. I can see the pain look on that other Kirk Face as he nods his understanding stands and put Carol hand back on the bed. As we leave I see the look of regret cross that other James Kirk face. What did he do or not do in relation to Carol that leaves him with such regrets, can I find an alternative and better path in this new timeline and what is it?


Why do you torment me so dreams? I do want to do better to keep my promise to Christopher and yet I’m left wondering what butterfly paths have already been change beyond any power to put right and with what I lost without Dad in my life, can I still be the hero that the alternative Spock and Indeed Nero said I was originally destiny to be?


So dreams please be kind this night and just give me a simply ‘save the day’ dream, and stop with the alternative timeline memories because I don’t want to play the second guessing game anymore.




Captain Kirk.


As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time Trek safe this day.


False Bill

The Trek Letter List – No. 4 Write a Letter to Sibling

This is my latest effort to response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Anyway this is my fourth challenge attempt a letter from one of my character to one of their siblings.


After a bit of inner debate, I was going to do one from Schick the Xindi-Insectoid as she has lots of siblings but then I realize a letter full of clicks wouldn’t work, nor doing it in English, as it would spoil the fun of the character.


So Instead here is Captain Douglas Gorrim of the Ariane NX-04 letter to one of his Brothers.

To: Carl Gorrim,

1063 Arndtstraße

Hanover District

New Berlin


From: Douglas Gorrim

Hotel Liieri, Florin City, Andoria, C/O NX-04, Ariane

Date: March 30, 2158 






Cheers bro for the update in your recent letter, sorry I couldn’t respond sooner but the Ariane had a minor run in with some Romulan Warbirds; but on the bright side you can tell Katie to sleep safe and not to worry uncle Douglas is keeping them away.


I’ve got to admit I’ve current nursing a few bruises as well in the aftermath but nothing you need to worry mum about. 

Well while I’m recovering and overseeing the repairs of the Ariane at this Andorian shipyard, I’m getting a little chance to learn more about our Andorian allies. From their various music styles to dance to their entertainment arts. Certainly I’m learning to appreciated Andorian Brandy, if the fates are kind I’ll bring you a bottle back as I’m sure Brigitte and you would appreciate on a quiet night, once you’ve put the girls to bed.


Tell Gabrielle that the crew and I appreciated her Kinder-garden class drawings they were good for ship morale, though I’m not sure how Naurr would take being called my big kitty chef to his face though knowing him maybe he would see the funny side.


From recent family letters I get the feeling that Sis and Junior have fallen out again, Any idea what was the cause was this time? Has she dye her head an interesting colour again?


Anyway I’ve got to go, but here hoping the war is over by Christmas and I can catch up with you and your extended family and maybe I’ll be able to remembers a bit of German this time.

All the best,



As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

The Trek Letter List – No. 3 Write a Letter to Parents

 Well it being a bit of a bad week which has seen me fall a bit behind on these but here is my latest effort to response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Anyway this is my third challenge answer which is to post is a letter from one of my character to their parents.


After a bit of inner debate, this turned out to be a job for Captain Jolene (Red) Lallason.

To: Martin Lallason

Deyosma Colony,

Red Reality



Dear Dad,



You might be wonder why I’m bothering to writing to you, when I’m currently stuck in an alternative timeline and no way to send you this letter, I know I am.

Well it because Starfleet Councillor Luxani, felt following the events that land me here that I might be able to get my head around it better if I wrote my thoughts all down in a letter.


So here is that letter, any way as an ex-Starfleet officer I suppose you be interested to knowing what this alternative timeline is like. While this new reality is much the same as ours just further along in history, the local year is 2409, and you’ve been dead for over a century, but then so has the alternative of me.  I can’t see any real historical difference up to the moment my ship and crew were thrown into this timeline.


Starfleet have taken us in and looked after us. Sadly even the best of their science diversion say there is no way we’re ever going to get home. 

So I’m trying to do my best to adept to this reality and lead my crew in a different reality. It’s not easy but while the USS Boadicea is being retrofit, we’ve been post to a nearby Starbase called USS Ganges where the station Councillor Luxani has being a help me to adept, hence this letter.


I guess it seem weird to realised that I never going to taste your home cooking again, hear your bad jokes, or witness those little touches of love. That I can no longer visit the family house that you built with Mum that hold such dear childhood memories for me, since here it has long fallen into ruins. The worse thing is that you gone and I’ve not got a chance to say goodbye properly and from your view you likely never know what happen to me. I hope you met someone new or did something to enjoy your retirement and didn’t just stay in the local pub drinking ale and playing dominos.


Funny thing is, I always thought of Mum as my main driver in life, she was my first heroine and the real reason I want into Starfleet, you were just my Dad. The one who was there when I need someone to see me as the second Shepard on the left in the school Christmas play. The one who read me bedtime stories when Mum was away on duty.


Mum said I took you for granted and I guess it wasn’t till I got to the Academy that I began to understand that you were her and mine rock and now in the blink of a temporal anomaly I find myself beginning to realising how much I relied on you and how I’m missed you as much as Mum.


Well the other strange thing is in this new reality I’ve met the older sister I never had who is also called Jolene, but in her reality I’m called Abby it seems being a bit of a weird thing I know. However while mum’s path seems different, yours seems much the same. It weird how both her and me our similar seem to start with both of us recall your daft little jokes or taking us to lacrosse practice, encouraging our passions and skills.


The other Jolene (we take to calling her Blue) for the colour of her ship’s nacelles saw that Abby was very much a Daddy girl and didn’t feel the need to follow so close in Mum footsteps as her, the older sister was already doing that.


I’m worried that perhaps Abby was better version of me and that she gave her version of you all the appreciation and respect that maybe I didn’t because I want to be Mum Mark II.


In hindsight I realise I never said this enough but Thank you for everything and that I do love you Dad every bit as Mum, I hope that I never gave you reason to doubt that.


I missed you but I’ll adept and go on from the wonderful foundation you gave me.

Yours loving daughter,



Xxx & Ooo’s 

PS: My crew and I, play my alternate sister and her crew. We won 4-3 last night Go Reality Red 😉

All the Pictures are from Trekcore.

The Trek Letter List – No. 2 Write a Letter to a Crush

Well to continue my response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Feel free to see the original post here: –

Anywat this second challenge post is a letter from one character to someone they have a crush on.


This clearly feels like a job for Martin Lallason to his favorite lady Captain Lily Fitzroy


To: Captain Lily Fitzroy

Reed Street, Valley View Town


Dear Lily, 

I’m writing you yet another secret letter that you will never see. I suppose you’re wondering why? Now that is a good question, but then you did always have the ability to ask the right question. You’re so good at it that you do it even when you’re just a figment of my imagination. It’s one of your many talents I do admire you for.


Yes I know I am avoid answering the real question. The real answer (if I dare to truthfully answer in this letter), I tell myself that it’s to do with how low you have been feeling of late. You need a real friend more than a love interest, especially from someone you could do so much better than. So I can’t show my true feeling right now, so I put them in this letter to lock them away. So I will be your friend in this time of need, and my love will remain hidden.


I mean I am just a back room supply depot captain, who spends his day sorting out the supplies to keep everybody else going, not an glamorous ex-flagship starship captain like you.


I’ve spend the last ten minutes going through my Oxford Federation Thesaurus but I can’t find the words to do you and my feelings justice.

The closest I’ve got is the words of the old song I heard on the radio just now called “Angel Flying to Close to the Ground.”

The first verse or is it the chorus I never sure but the words that struck a chord with me were: –

If you had not have fallen

Then I would not have found you

Angel flying too close to the ground

And I patched up your broken wing

And hung around a while

Tried to keep your spirits up

And your fever down

I knew someday that you would fly away

For love’s the greatest healer to be found

Odd isn’t that I need the words of the old red haired stranger to describe my redhead friend. Though in truth perhaps I would paraphrase my version as: –

If you had not have fallen

Then I would not have found you

My Angel who has being grounded

And I’ll try to patched up your broke soul

And I will hang around while you need me

Trying to fix your heart

And keep your doubts down

But I know someday that you will fly away
 to the stars.

For this hidden lover is the greatest healer you’ll find.


A metal butterfly is about to flap it's wings.

A metal butterfly is about to flap it’s wings.

It lame I know and that why this letter will remain hidden from your sight. To save us both from the embarrassment factor should you ever see it.


I want you back to your brilliant best to shine once more but I sadly suspect that when I heal you, then you will go back to the stars without me. I now this will break my heart more than you could or must ever know.

But as I love you so much that all I want, is for you to be happy and I do believe that the only place you can be happy is back on the bridge of your starship.

So I will do all I can to get you back there and fully happy.


Your Friend