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Trek Letter #10

Well it has being far too long since I did a trek letter but tonight I feel in the mood for a Trek letter as part of the ongoing Meanderfave Homework.


As Trek Letter ten is titled “Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to” So for some reason my JJVerse 24th Century Xenktid wants to write to Emmylou.

For those not familiar with my JJVerse 24th Century stories, they are set after the Dominion War, which the Federation Allies did (just) win but at a heavier price.

Like in my Prime verse Emmylou and Xenktid are friends since there Cadet days but unlike in the prime verse Xenktid is the darling of the Federation , the great warrior who brilliance was vital to the defeat of the Dominion especially as she is the new and first non-human (She a Centuran) Captain of the USS Enterprise.

While too many of the Federation Emmylou is the villain of Starfleet, as she destroyed Earth Space Dock to keep it out of the hands of the Dominion War when Sol fell.

The fact that she was the most senior officer left alive to co-ordinate the forces that held the line long enough that Starfleet command and the senior Federation Government to evacuate to Tellar, and the so Federation survived long enough for Xenktid (and Emmylou) to strategize the plan that turned the tide and won the fight.


While most people with tactical awareness and thinking with their head accepted that Earth Space Dock had to be destroyed or the Dominion would have easily taken Tellar and New Vulcan within the week and ended the Federation resistance, the majority of people think with their hearts and just feel Emmylou lead the Starfleet abandonment of Earth in that dark hour.


Indeed most Admiral don’t want to admit the truth of that dark day, as such Emmylou has few friend in high places, only one Bolian Admiral publicly stands by her and he got her the command of the USS Copperplate, a war reparation Cardassian Galor class that Starfleet are using to fill their ship short-fall.


However some bitter Starfleet Admirals decided to use the Copperplate to see if the Cardassian command system of Gul and two Glinn (X/O) is better than the traditional Starfleet System since Cardassian ships seem to outperform there equivalent Starfleet vessel during the war. Indeed some Admirals seem to take pleasure in call Emmylou by her Brevity rank of Gul.

Xenktid is trying to be there for her friend Emmylou but leading the line doesn’t leave her much time to talk with her friend.

Anyway onto the Letter.


From: Captain Xenktid USS Enterprise

To: Gul Emmylou USS Copperplate


Dear Em,

Sorry for not writing sooner but I’m still getting use to the amount of bureaucracy that the Enterprise generates for me. I’ve got to admit my workload is helped (and hinder) by the Enterprise crew high efficiency at everything. The speed at which new ideas and suggestion come my way does seem almost scary at time. Still I’m slowly getting used to it and my new yeoman and X/O are both a great help.


Anyway I am pleased that the Admiralty saw sense and gave you your own command, even if it is a just a stinky war reparation Cardassian Galor class, I’m sure you will get a proper ship before long. Though I’ve also heard about the Gul and Glinn command system test they decided to force upon you. Whatever they throw at you I know you will raise to the challenge but in case you need a friend, please message me.


Please remember that you are good person and not the villain some would claim. Anyway I got to run but take care of yourself and I will try to write again soon.

Well wishes


Captain Xenktid.


Well that’s another letter down, as always pictures courtesy of trekcore.
Safe Trekking till next time.

False Bill