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TTOT FAN ART Week First Pictures

Hello Readers,

Since I’m currently in my sick bed, I’ll hope you’re forgive me for a short post.

As I’m having problems posting pictures directly to the forum thread I’m going to post my pictures for TToT fanart week here in my Blog.



A rare picture of the Cajun Caitian onboard the Ariane NX-04. The Artist and date draw are now know but the bottle and two drink glasses on the serving tray appear to be bzart in origin suggesting this was drawing sometime round humanity first contact with the Bzart in 2159.


Safe trekking.

False Bill

#Blog-Like-a-Boss 2014 Final Challenge.

Well as the week of Blog Challenges comes to an end, Admiral SL Walker has set one finally prompt challenge and like every question prompt this week, It set me thinking hard for a good honest answer and I can’t wait to see what everybody else produces.


Q1. What kind of writing would you like to tackle in the future?  

A1. How the actual invention of faster-than-light Warp Drive hasn’t invalidated Star Trek fiction. Preferable from the beech of a Risa like planet where hot green women like dancing for interstellar tourists.


What? A single guy can dream!


Still in truth I do want to try and get more short stories up on to the Archive and then try to do a longer series of inter-link short stories for each of Naurr, Lily and Emmylou and they colleagues.


Q2. What themes would you like to explore?

A2. Well looking at the Ad Astra theme list, I want to explore: –


  • Action/Adventure (Lily pre Centauran Contact Mission of Exploration).
  • Angst/Drama (Bread and butter to Trek stories).
  • Family & Romance (Lily and Martin courting / Prime Emmylou and Scott marriage)
  • Fantasy (Trips to the Holodeck J)
  • Friendship (Alternate TNG era Gul Emmylou and Captain Xenktid)
  • Holiday (Ganges for all the Holidays)
  • Horror (Yes Douglas, Lily and Emmylou exploration mission will show them horror,)
  • Humor (Always, a core part of good trek).
  • IDIC (Schick and Jolene plus many others)
  • Mystery/ Tragedy (I sure you all like to know what happen to the Ariane, I’m sure some day I reveal that mystery)


So that a wrap for #BlogLikeABoss Week.

As always I wish you all safe trekking whatever your destination.

False Bill

Miranda Fave Homework

Well the USS FalseBill has opened it hailing frequencies and what do I discover? Only to find I’ve got more homework from Admiral Miranda Fave.


Q1. What do you consider as ingredients for a character?

A1. For me character needs to have a key virtual, a vices and a unique voice. The ability to stand up to you as the write and go no that not what I need, when writing them. When reading someone else character I think to be consider as a character is when they to give you the impression that they have also chosen they path of action more than the author did.


Q2. Do you begin with a sketchy outline or a cookie cutter template so to speak when you create your characters and crews? For example, do you say – I need a science officer let’s make him geeky and a buffoon with the ladies – or do you employ something a little more organic than that?

A2. I’ll say that each of my characters starts differently, some just start as a cookie cutter template while some are just randomly inspired by random casting ideas, i.e. I sew an actor and wonder what Starfleet character and species would they excel at. Other characters just enter stage left, hijack a scene and don’t leave. (Not mentioning any names, here like say Schick)


Q3. Do you look for traits, species, role; personality mixes with other characters when you conceive the character ideas?

A3. Well that depends if it a planned character or not. For most of my senior bridge crew I try to balanced the gender and races mix, once I’ve got those two characteristics I’m try to work out what personality and quarks might go with the character and not unbalance the rest of the crew. Yet in the end I still end up with a suck it and see approach and some habits disappear and get replaced and some quarks of character aren’t revealed.


Q4. What helps you recognize that a character is working (for you the author) within a story?

A4. Because they don’t always behave and they do their own thing in the middle of your crafted scene that makes it a different scene that you weren’t expected. They voice and action comes naturally without you really thinking about it.


Q5. Conversely, what makes you realize they don’t work or at least within a certain story context?

A5. When they disappear in the middle of a scene for a coffee break or every line feels forced, when it feels like you’re bend the character or the story to reveal the plot and the next step or conversations feels artificial forced.


Q6. What do you do then – jettison wholesale, rework and reshape, box and file and save for another story or day?

A6. Well it depends if I think the problem is the character or the story. I try not to jettison wholesale but re-cast or re-work the story or box it till I’ve time to reevaluate it with a fresh view.


I admit that I’ve currently have two stories sitting in the box and ready for beat the block challenge in Week 10. The question is do I go with the old Mirror universe precise I found during moving about an ex-Klingon lanky who once he tastes freedom, wants to keep it?


Or do I have another go at the Ariane at Denobula in the week after the Romulans direct attack on Earth and Denobula trying to give humanitarian aid to a devastated city and people who blames humans as much as Romulans for the war damage. So do you have any preferences dear reader?


The pictures are as always from

Anyway safe trekking till next time.

False Bill

#Bosslikeaboss Prompt 5 to 7

Well one thing or another has kept me away from the blogsphere and I come back to find three very different questions that we’ve already seen fine answers for from Zeusfluff, Miranda fave, Jespah, Enterprise1981 and Kes7, so if you’ve not been over to look at those blogs yet, might I suggest you do take the time to go and visit them.



Miranda Fave





Q1. What character do you love to write most?  What about them makes them so compelling?

A1. Well the honest answer is my favorite character changes depending upon my frame of mind and mood when I’m writing. They are all like children to a certain degree it’s hard to pick between them to say which of them I love the most.

However I think Emmylou Galyaski wins just edging out Naurr. As I seem to keep coming back to her in the various stages of her life slightly more than the Cajun Caitian. Yet I can’t say what makes her so compelling to write as a character, other than she always has the power to surprise me. Emmylou seems to turn her hand to comedy as well as she does the romance, then she easily does angst/battle scenes. I think it was Miranda Fave who once said she had broadshoulders and I think it that story adaptability that has endear her to my heart and made her a pleasure to write.


Q2. Reviewing; what you love to see in a review, what you love to give in a review, what you want to do for your own reviewing skills in the future.

A2a. I just love to see a review of any sort. So many people seem to just walk away after reading a story and you’ve no idea if they finished the story or whether they like it or hate it, so even a couple of words has meaning. I mean I agree with the other bloggers a reply that got some meat and constructive content to it

A2b. What I like to give in a review is a positive acknowledgement that I’ve read the story and when I can thinkof something suitable a salient point brought up by their works.

A2c. As for my future reviewing skills I want do it better but the path to that isn’t clear right now, so keep doing reviews and hope practice makes perfect.

Q3. Writing a summary, how do you do it?  And what about the story summaries of others draws you in?

A3a. With great difficult is the honest answer, I don’t have the skill of someone like Kes7 to write a quick blab and it one of the thing that gives me a cold sweat each time I post a new story to Ad Astra archive and it ask me to enter the story summary.

Now I know writing summary is a specialist skill and not all of us have the knack to write to the high standard Kes7 does, so I try to go with the old advise of just imagine you answering a mate, when they ask you quickly what the plot of the book you’re reading now. So you’ve only got a sentence of about twenty-five words to sum it up.

Q3b. As for what summaries draw me into reading a story, I’ll say that while most readers will know my struggles with English grammar and punctuation, I do still want to see no significant errors in a summary, as long as I can read it without noticing the grammar then want I want is to see something different or something clever or a interesting mystery.


Well that my brief answer on those questions, I hope you find something interesting in there.

Pictures are curiosity of

I wish you safe trekking what ever your destination or alliance.

False Bill

TTOT2014 W7 Blog Four


Hello again Reader,

So it’s another day and time again to #Bloglikeaboss only the daily prompt seems to be lost in the Delta Quadrant.


Well after yesterday’s blog self-congratulations love-in or was it an in-fight?


I’m trying to work out what to blog about as I’m not feeling in the mood for another Trek Letter, since it Jalke’i turn and I do need her to wake up from the coma at the end of Dance By The Pale Moonlight again, readable here if you have got some spare time :-


I shall have to think of something else so Instead here is a quick tour round the False Bill Trekverse main characters.


So back to the beginning circa 2158 to 2161 and the Ariane NX-04

This NX cruiser has the unique honor of being the first Starfleet vessel to be built outside Sol and at a non-human spacedock. As it was built at the famous Telarite Shipyards under contract due to Earth urgency need for warp five ships to fight the Romulan war.

One of the minor faults with this ship is the signage is all in Telarite. This might seems to draft to believe but does have it inspiration in a real Royal Navy Incident.


Captain Douglas Gorrim

Is the Commander of Ariane and he is was created to be more of a scientist than the fighter-jock that Jonathan and Erika to reflect Starfleet would need the Ariane Captain to be smart and diplomatic enough to get the Ariane built without upsetting the collation partners. Plus the Ariane secret order is to try and work out a way to find the location of Romulus or key Romulan bases.

For my preferred Doug story see Doug’s bug hunt

Chef Naurr

The Cajun Caitian is the runt of his litter and so has spent his life drifting from job to job, till he finally got a chef job on one of his sister’s interstellar freight ship, which the Romulans destroyed. Naurr was save by the crew of Ariane, feeling he owe then a debt and having no-where to go. Via broken English he talk Douglas into giving him the vacant chef role, which seems madness at first but slowly with help from the crew specially his best friend Philippe Rivette and pen pal letters from the ex-NX-01 sous chef Lili Beckettto bring out his secret talent. In the friendly environment of the Ariane he makes new friends and provides an innocent aboard view upon Humanity onboard the Ariane.

For a great Naurr (stolen toys)story see SL Walker Cajun Caitain


Lily Fitzroy



From there we jump to circa 2230’s and Lily Fitzroy, who after a first contact mistake is take off the USS Argonaut and assign to teach tactics to Cadets at Starfleet Academy. However in these dark times she found an old Friend Martin Lallason who is the friend in need, which soon develops into the start of something special.

For more of these two see Favorite things:-


Emmylou Galyaski

From here we have a big jump (for the time being) to the STO timeframe year of 2409 and the Federation Starbase (or mad-house) USS Ganges led by Admiral Emmylou Galyaski.


Admiral Emmylou Galyaski is the kind Grandmother or head inmate of this asylum depending upon your view. As an officer who gain a lot of frontline experience during the Dominion War as the X/O of the Galaxy Class USS Atlantis especially during the seize of Cait and the final battle for Cardassia. Post war she commanded the science wing variant excelsior USS Trireme while also brings up her children onboard.

Still for more of this valiant old lady see Remembrance 2409: –


Well I hope this little view was interesting to you reader,

Photograph Picture are from and hand drawn drawing are mine 😉 so till next time stay safe.

False Bill

TTOT2014 W7 Day Two Blog


So it’s Day two and time once more to Blog like a Boss.

Q1. Who’s your favorite Trek blogger and why?

A1. Um, um ai yi yi that is an unfair question it so hard to choice between all of the fine Trek Blog out there. I mean everybody does a good job with providing a unique voice and viewpoint on the greater Trek fan-verse.


I would sum them up but Jespah has already beaten me to it, so for a good review of the main movers and shakers in the Ad Astra Trek Blog sphere go have a look at it here: –


As you can tell I’m trying to delay answering the question.

So I’m going to be honest and say it a tie for me and which is my favorite depends upon my mood when I read them, so fanfare please for: –

Jespah getting into the nitty gritty of the NX Era.

Barking up the Muse Tree by Jespah



Miranda Fave Meanders


So why did I pick these two?

Well Jespah is one of the most regular updaters and she put a lot of effort into her cross-promotion of her works and other writing venues and her character analysis blogs always provide food for thought.


As for MF, he writes some of the most amusing trek stuff but when he put his serious analysis head on, he puts together well thought out and good analysis of his topic especially in his boldly reading reviews.


Anyway that all I’ve got for you today.

So till next time take care and trek safely across your quadrant.

False Bill