TToT 2014 W5 Day 5: Soaring

Well it’s Day four of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty is: – Soaring


Hmm that is a hard prompt from Admiral SL Walker, I’ve spent the day try to find inspiration but for once it hasn’t come readily.

So it’s time to reach deep and pull out a surprising tale of soaring, so let jump into the deep end and see what DEITDJW Ficlet emerges.


The colony vegetation was a lush golden bronze and the world seemed alive not just in the new Colony town that she had left behind, this wooded valley she was discovering rang with the sounds of various animals and insects of this new world.

After so long onboard her starship, it felt good to be on a firm ground and to breath fresh air again. They was something uplifting to her soul as she felt her boots crunch on the soft ground as she walked along the hiking path.

She heard a cry from somewhere above her head and spotted a bird of prey circulating above her head. She watched it for a moment and she remembered the majestic bird of her childhood home now destroyed by the Horbus supernova.

Then she heard an all too familiar cry and was surprise as one of those majestic birds that she remembered from Romulan dropped out of the sun and snatches the other bird of prey and soar away to a nearby cliff top to enjoy it meal.

Torlia felt her own soul soar away with that Romulan Eagle and she felt a renew sense of pride in serving the Romulan Republic,

“We will endure and soar as high as that Eagle to maintain our freedoms from the old order,” though Torlia.


A surprise appearance by the Romulan Sub-commander Torlia.

Till next time Safe Trekking.

False Bill