TToT 2014 W5 Day 6: Sinking

Well it’s day six of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty is: – Sinking


Now why do I have a sinking feeling about this prompt from Admiral SL Walker?

Sorry that is a lame joke. This does seem a negative prompt so I’m going to sink my teeth into it and try to produce an upbeat ficlet.


Captain Ha’rris watched on the USS Excalibur view-screen as the ocean rush up to meet his descending ship. He tried to remain calm, as a Xindi – reptilian, the idea of taking his ship under a major planet ocean to retrieve a cargo container from a Xindi – Aquatic city just seemed wrong. The reason the Excalibur was about to enter this Ocean to retrieve the cargo was apparently the item wasn’t transporter safe. Plus it was supposedly to big for it to be shuttle up.

Ha’rris had a sinking feeling to match his ship as together they entered the ocean.

Suddenly his Xindi – Insectoid Science Officer spoke up.

“Click, Kliq, Ku Cliq, Click kquilk,” said Schick.

“Good. Okay helm take us slowly down to five hundred fathoms” ordered Ha’rris.

“Yes Captain,” said Inulie.

The Xindi-Sloth female quickly made the adjustments and the Excalibur sunk further into the dark ocean depths.

“Jolene, are we receiving the guidance beacon signal?” asked Ha’rris

“Yes Captain. The navigation signal is being refer to helm,” replied Jolene.

“Captain, I believe the safe path corridor is another seven hundred fathoms below us.” Said Lieutenant Kallachit.

“Kliq, click cq buzz,” said Schick from her science station.


“So we need to go deeper then. Okay neutralize forward motion, and take us down, but slowly, we don’t want to give any of the crew the bends now.” Said Ha’rris.

Ha’rris watched the ships navigation lights start to illuminate the underwater valleys

And the long shadows help to show the ship was indeed slowly sinking. Go deeper and heading towards the Xindi – Aquatic City and the mysterious Cargo shipment.


Pictures are from Trekcore, I do recommend that you go and visit there web-site if you every want anything trek.

As always all your feedback comments are welcome.

Till next time Safe Trekking.


False Bill.