The Trek Letter List – No. 2 Write a Letter to a Crush

Well to continue my response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Feel free to see the original post here: –

Anywat this second challenge post is a letter from one character to someone they have a crush on.


This clearly feels like a job for Martin Lallason to his favorite lady Captain Lily Fitzroy


To: Captain Lily Fitzroy

Reed Street, Valley View Town


Dear Lily, 

I’m writing you yet another secret letter that you will never see. I suppose you’re wondering why? Now that is a good question, but then you did always have the ability to ask the right question. You’re so good at it that you do it even when you’re just a figment of my imagination. It’s one of your many talents I do admire you for.


Yes I know I am avoid answering the real question. The real answer (if I dare to truthfully answer in this letter), I tell myself that it’s to do with how low you have been feeling of late. You need a real friend more than a love interest, especially from someone you could do so much better than. So I can’t show my true feeling right now, so I put them in this letter to lock them away. So I will be your friend in this time of need, and my love will remain hidden.


I mean I am just a back room supply depot captain, who spends his day sorting out the supplies to keep everybody else going, not an glamorous ex-flagship starship captain like you.


I’ve spend the last ten minutes going through my Oxford Federation Thesaurus but I can’t find the words to do you and my feelings justice.

The closest I’ve got is the words of the old song I heard on the radio just now called “Angel Flying to Close to the Ground.”

The first verse or is it the chorus I never sure but the words that struck a chord with me were: –

If you had not have fallen

Then I would not have found you

Angel flying too close to the ground

And I patched up your broken wing

And hung around a while

Tried to keep your spirits up

And your fever down

I knew someday that you would fly away

For love’s the greatest healer to be found

Odd isn’t that I need the words of the old red haired stranger to describe my redhead friend. Though in truth perhaps I would paraphrase my version as: –

If you had not have fallen

Then I would not have found you

My Angel who has being grounded

And I’ll try to patched up your broke soul

And I will hang around while you need me

Trying to fix your heart

And keep your doubts down

But I know someday that you will fly away
 to the stars.

For this hidden lover is the greatest healer you’ll find.


A metal butterfly is about to flap it's wings.

A metal butterfly is about to flap it’s wings.

It lame I know and that why this letter will remain hidden from your sight. To save us both from the embarrassment factor should you ever see it.


I want you back to your brilliant best to shine once more but I sadly suspect that when I heal you, then you will go back to the stars without me. I now this will break my heart more than you could or must ever know.

But as I love you so much that all I want, is for you to be happy and I do believe that the only place you can be happy is back on the bridge of your starship.

So I will do all I can to get you back there and fully happy.


Your Friend