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#Blog-Like-a-Boss 2014 Final Challenge.

Well as the week of Blog Challenges comes to an end, Admiral SL Walker has set one finally prompt challenge and like every question prompt this week, It set me thinking hard for a good honest answer and I can’t wait to see what everybody else produces.


Q1. What kind of writing would you like to tackle in the future?  

A1. How the actual invention of faster-than-light Warp Drive hasn’t invalidated Star Trek fiction. Preferable from the beech of a Risa like planet where hot green women like dancing for interstellar tourists.


What? A single guy can dream!


Still in truth I do want to try and get more short stories up on to the Archive and then try to do a longer series of inter-link short stories for each of Naurr, Lily and Emmylou and they colleagues.


Q2. What themes would you like to explore?

A2. Well looking at the Ad Astra theme list, I want to explore: –


  • Action/Adventure (Lily pre Centauran Contact Mission of Exploration).
  • Angst/Drama (Bread and butter to Trek stories).
  • Family & Romance (Lily and Martin courting / Prime Emmylou and Scott marriage)
  • Fantasy (Trips to the Holodeck J)
  • Friendship (Alternate TNG era Gul Emmylou and Captain Xenktid)
  • Holiday (Ganges for all the Holidays)
  • Horror (Yes Douglas, Lily and Emmylou exploration mission will show them horror,)
  • Humor (Always, a core part of good trek).
  • IDIC (Schick and Jolene plus many others)
  • Mystery/ Tragedy (I sure you all like to know what happen to the Ariane, I’m sure some day I reveal that mystery)


So that a wrap for #BlogLikeABoss Week.

As always I wish you all safe trekking whatever your destination.

False Bill

Miranda Fave Homework

Well the USS FalseBill has opened it hailing frequencies and what do I discover? Only to find I’ve got more homework from Admiral Miranda Fave.


Q1. What do you consider as ingredients for a character?

A1. For me character needs to have a key virtual, a vices and a unique voice. The ability to stand up to you as the write and go no that not what I need, when writing them. When reading someone else character I think to be consider as a character is when they to give you the impression that they have also chosen they path of action more than the author did.


Q2. Do you begin with a sketchy outline or a cookie cutter template so to speak when you create your characters and crews? For example, do you say – I need a science officer let’s make him geeky and a buffoon with the ladies – or do you employ something a little more organic than that?

A2. I’ll say that each of my characters starts differently, some just start as a cookie cutter template while some are just randomly inspired by random casting ideas, i.e. I sew an actor and wonder what Starfleet character and species would they excel at. Other characters just enter stage left, hijack a scene and don’t leave. (Not mentioning any names, here like say Schick)


Q3. Do you look for traits, species, role; personality mixes with other characters when you conceive the character ideas?

A3. Well that depends if it a planned character or not. For most of my senior bridge crew I try to balanced the gender and races mix, once I’ve got those two characteristics I’m try to work out what personality and quarks might go with the character and not unbalance the rest of the crew. Yet in the end I still end up with a suck it and see approach and some habits disappear and get replaced and some quarks of character aren’t revealed.


Q4. What helps you recognize that a character is working (for you the author) within a story?

A4. Because they don’t always behave and they do their own thing in the middle of your crafted scene that makes it a different scene that you weren’t expected. They voice and action comes naturally without you really thinking about it.


Q5. Conversely, what makes you realize they don’t work or at least within a certain story context?

A5. When they disappear in the middle of a scene for a coffee break or every line feels forced, when it feels like you’re bend the character or the story to reveal the plot and the next step or conversations feels artificial forced.


Q6. What do you do then – jettison wholesale, rework and reshape, box and file and save for another story or day?

A6. Well it depends if I think the problem is the character or the story. I try not to jettison wholesale but re-cast or re-work the story or box it till I’ve time to reevaluate it with a fresh view.


I admit that I’ve currently have two stories sitting in the box and ready for beat the block challenge in Week 10. The question is do I go with the old Mirror universe precise I found during moving about an ex-Klingon lanky who once he tastes freedom, wants to keep it?


Or do I have another go at the Ariane at Denobula in the week after the Romulans direct attack on Earth and Denobula trying to give humanitarian aid to a devastated city and people who blames humans as much as Romulans for the war damage. So do you have any preferences dear reader?


The pictures are as always from

Anyway safe trekking till next time.

False Bill

#Bosslikeaboss Prompt 5 to 7

Well one thing or another has kept me away from the blogsphere and I come back to find three very different questions that we’ve already seen fine answers for from Zeusfluff, Miranda fave, Jespah, Enterprise1981 and Kes7, so if you’ve not been over to look at those blogs yet, might I suggest you do take the time to go and visit them.



Miranda Fave





Q1. What character do you love to write most?  What about them makes them so compelling?

A1. Well the honest answer is my favorite character changes depending upon my frame of mind and mood when I’m writing. They are all like children to a certain degree it’s hard to pick between them to say which of them I love the most.

However I think Emmylou Galyaski wins just edging out Naurr. As I seem to keep coming back to her in the various stages of her life slightly more than the Cajun Caitian. Yet I can’t say what makes her so compelling to write as a character, other than she always has the power to surprise me. Emmylou seems to turn her hand to comedy as well as she does the romance, then she easily does angst/battle scenes. I think it was Miranda Fave who once said she had broadshoulders and I think it that story adaptability that has endear her to my heart and made her a pleasure to write.


Q2. Reviewing; what you love to see in a review, what you love to give in a review, what you want to do for your own reviewing skills in the future.

A2a. I just love to see a review of any sort. So many people seem to just walk away after reading a story and you’ve no idea if they finished the story or whether they like it or hate it, so even a couple of words has meaning. I mean I agree with the other bloggers a reply that got some meat and constructive content to it

A2b. What I like to give in a review is a positive acknowledgement that I’ve read the story and when I can thinkof something suitable a salient point brought up by their works.

A2c. As for my future reviewing skills I want do it better but the path to that isn’t clear right now, so keep doing reviews and hope practice makes perfect.

Q3. Writing a summary, how do you do it?  And what about the story summaries of others draws you in?

A3a. With great difficult is the honest answer, I don’t have the skill of someone like Kes7 to write a quick blab and it one of the thing that gives me a cold sweat each time I post a new story to Ad Astra archive and it ask me to enter the story summary.

Now I know writing summary is a specialist skill and not all of us have the knack to write to the high standard Kes7 does, so I try to go with the old advise of just imagine you answering a mate, when they ask you quickly what the plot of the book you’re reading now. So you’ve only got a sentence of about twenty-five words to sum it up.

Q3b. As for what summaries draw me into reading a story, I’ll say that while most readers will know my struggles with English grammar and punctuation, I do still want to see no significant errors in a summary, as long as I can read it without noticing the grammar then want I want is to see something different or something clever or a interesting mystery.


Well that my brief answer on those questions, I hope you find something interesting in there.

Pictures are curiosity of

I wish you safe trekking what ever your destination or alliance.

False Bill

TTOT2014 W7 Blog Four


Hello again Reader,

So it’s another day and time again to #Bloglikeaboss only the daily prompt seems to be lost in the Delta Quadrant.


Well after yesterday’s blog self-congratulations love-in or was it an in-fight?


I’m trying to work out what to blog about as I’m not feeling in the mood for another Trek Letter, since it Jalke’i turn and I do need her to wake up from the coma at the end of Dance By The Pale Moonlight again, readable here if you have got some spare time :-


I shall have to think of something else so Instead here is a quick tour round the False Bill Trekverse main characters.


So back to the beginning circa 2158 to 2161 and the Ariane NX-04

This NX cruiser has the unique honor of being the first Starfleet vessel to be built outside Sol and at a non-human spacedock. As it was built at the famous Telarite Shipyards under contract due to Earth urgency need for warp five ships to fight the Romulan war.

One of the minor faults with this ship is the signage is all in Telarite. This might seems to draft to believe but does have it inspiration in a real Royal Navy Incident.


Captain Douglas Gorrim

Is the Commander of Ariane and he is was created to be more of a scientist than the fighter-jock that Jonathan and Erika to reflect Starfleet would need the Ariane Captain to be smart and diplomatic enough to get the Ariane built without upsetting the collation partners. Plus the Ariane secret order is to try and work out a way to find the location of Romulus or key Romulan bases.

For my preferred Doug story see Doug’s bug hunt

Chef Naurr

The Cajun Caitian is the runt of his litter and so has spent his life drifting from job to job, till he finally got a chef job on one of his sister’s interstellar freight ship, which the Romulans destroyed. Naurr was save by the crew of Ariane, feeling he owe then a debt and having no-where to go. Via broken English he talk Douglas into giving him the vacant chef role, which seems madness at first but slowly with help from the crew specially his best friend Philippe Rivette and pen pal letters from the ex-NX-01 sous chef Lili Beckettto bring out his secret talent. In the friendly environment of the Ariane he makes new friends and provides an innocent aboard view upon Humanity onboard the Ariane.

For a great Naurr (stolen toys)story see SL Walker Cajun Caitain


Lily Fitzroy



From there we jump to circa 2230’s and Lily Fitzroy, who after a first contact mistake is take off the USS Argonaut and assign to teach tactics to Cadets at Starfleet Academy. However in these dark times she found an old Friend Martin Lallason who is the friend in need, which soon develops into the start of something special.

For more of these two see Favorite things:-


Emmylou Galyaski

From here we have a big jump (for the time being) to the STO timeframe year of 2409 and the Federation Starbase (or mad-house) USS Ganges led by Admiral Emmylou Galyaski.


Admiral Emmylou Galyaski is the kind Grandmother or head inmate of this asylum depending upon your view. As an officer who gain a lot of frontline experience during the Dominion War as the X/O of the Galaxy Class USS Atlantis especially during the seize of Cait and the final battle for Cardassia. Post war she commanded the science wing variant excelsior USS Trireme while also brings up her children onboard.

Still for more of this valiant old lady see Remembrance 2409: –


Well I hope this little view was interesting to you reader,

Photograph Picture are from and hand drawn drawing are mine 😉 so till next time stay safe.

False Bill

TTOT2014 W7 Day One Blog

Hello Reader,

Well after a bit of technical communication issues, that I shall blame on the Mimes. Week Seven of the Twelve Tasks of Triskelion 2014 is underway and it is now time to Blog like a Boss.


Q1. What has Star Trek fandom — and ficcing specifically — meant to you?

A1. Well as ficcing isn’t a valid word, it doesn’t mean anything. 🙂

So the read question is what does the Star Trek Fandom mean and all the fine fiction that comes out of it. Honestly I’m not sure I can put into words what it means to me.

Star Trek and my writing have always being my escape from the harsh reality of the real world and the pressures of work. A chance to enter into a world where fairness is a normal part of the human condition. I think this is reflected in the kind way Trekkie treat each other and how they seem proud to be who they’re regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.

To me Star Trek (TOS) repeats along with Doctor Who and Terrahawks, were my entry into Science Fiction genre and stories that are able to ask big questions and explore big ideas and the core questions of humanity.


Q2. What is the hardest story you ever had to write?  

A2. I don’t think any story is easy to write especially with all my problems with spelling grammar and so for me I think getting start on Ad Astra was the hard, but the hardest story was one that was throw up by a random back-story comment that came out during Emmylou and Jalke’i first meeting back in one of my early Weekly Free Write Story. A couple of people said they want to know that story. I’ve got to admit so did I, but all I had was a single line that sum up the whole story. So I had to go back and expand it into the story that I want to tell. It took a reasonable amount of help from LBD as the Beta before it become “Argonaut Prime Minister Incident”, which on top of all the core structure I want to try and to make lily a believable Commodore and starship captain and her first contact screw up due to a human failure. The story is far from perfect but it’s one of my early archive story it does holds a special place in my fiction.

A metal butterfly is about to flap it's wings.

You can read the story here if you want:-


Q3. What was the easiest? And why?

A3. You know I find this a much harder question to answer. As | said I’ve always struggle with delivering spelling and grammar to a good standard, so I don’t think any story was easy to get into the Archive.

However the one that I found surprisingly easy to write was Bow of the Wolf, which was written for SL Walker as A Stuff The Stocking 2013 gift.

You can read the story here if you want:-


Well that all I’ve got to say for today,

Pictures are from

I’ll wish you well safe trekking dear reader.
False Bill

The Trek Letter List – No. 8 Write A Letter To your Favorite Internet Friend

Well it time to Blog like a Boss only the daily prompt seems to be missing in action.

So rather than lose out I shall do the next Trek Letter prompt.

Which is writing a letter from one of your character to their favourite Internet friend.


Now technically there isn’t any sign that the federation has a pan-Federation Internet, so I guess the close I’m going to get is a sort of Pen pal by electronic sub-space e-mail. Now this does seem to call for a Chef Naurr Letter.

So without further ado, here is the Cajun Caitian writing to his Best Friend Philippe Rivette.


To Chief Philippe Rivette

Zefram Cochrane

From Naurr



Dear Philiippe,

I’ve just received your last letter and the enclose pictures.

The Cajun part of Earth does indeed appear to be all that you described and much more.

I’m looking forward to visiting it and trying the authentic cooking to see how well I’ve done over the years.


I note from your new address that you serving on Archer new Warp 7 ship, I hear they bigger and better equipped, with more crew. I do hope you make lots of new friends but not so many you forget your old ones.


I believe Captain Gorrim feels a little pass over at the moment as Ariane remains the last NX Cruiser in active service and we are reduced to Coalition border patrol.



He was making some remark about being reduced from scientist and warrior to Starfleet border dog, which I don’t understand as Captain Archer always treats his dog well, do you have any idea what the Captain Gorrim is going on about?

Well I don’t have a lot of news with the Romulan war finally over and us just patrolling Coalition borders. We’re still short staff as Starfleet has assigned the best people to the new Warp Seven ships. I mean Cassandra left to join Captain Erika on the Excalibur last week, which mean of the senior crew you knew only the Captain remains, he had to draft in MACO officers to fill some posts as we not getting new people from command.

I’ve also handed in my notice to the Captain, so my service to Starfleet will end when we get to Earth next month. Captain Gorrim appeared to accept it in good grace but I could see in his eyes made him very sad. I told him I’m going to tour for a while, make my way off to Lafa II, When Lili Beckett offer me a job in her Restaurant, I hope to build up enough money to go home to Cait and start my own Restaurant back home.


Writing of which reminds me I got visited Lili on Lafa II again last fortnight and see her growing clan, I also ran into Commander Reed. I did then Prako Gambaro that they liked.


O but we did get the sign plates in all four languages of the coalition to replace all our old Telarite ones at long last. So means we’ve finally work out what some of the more obscure signs mean. Also with our Coalition exchange program I’m now getting plenty of practice to cook Vulcan, Telarite and Andorian food I shall be able to cook something for everybody.

Other than that is all quiet here on the Ariane, I shall see you next Month.

Your Friend, 




Historical reference, this letter is confirmed as being part of the last transmission Starfleet received from the Ariane NX-04. Which disappearance remains unexplained even in the 25th Century.


As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time, Trek safe this day.


False Bill

Blog as a Character – Pocket Conflicts

This week’s blog prompt from Admiral Jespah is about small conflicts.

Stories need conflict. Otherwise, there’s not much to tell. But war, torture, divorce, bullying, and fights for survival aren’t the only conflicts out there. Some are just little things, like when someone doesn’t put the seat down leave the seat up.


So my character’s blog entry this time is to be about a conflict that’s anything but earth shattering.

So over to Captain Ha’rris on AOS USS Excalibur in 2261 

Ship log Stardate 2261.21

We have completed our operational trials and I can report bar a few minor non-operational matters, we are now space worthy and ready for active service.


Private Log Captain Ha’rris Stardate 2261.21

Well after a week to test the patience of a saint the Excalibur has completed her space-worthy trials and Starfleet Command has sign off on our fit for active service certificate.


However my biggest two biggest irritations remain, the turbo lift door on the bridge make a nerve-aching shriek ever time it opens. Seriously it sets everybody teeth on edge included the bridge crew who don’t have teeth.

I’ve had Chief Engineer Tulansen increase the lubrication around the door but to no avail. That door still shrieks like the proverbial banshee when it opens thus disrupting everybody who’s on the bridge.

AOS Bridge

Tulansen has ensured me that the shriek is just because the door is brand new and once we’ve worn it in, the noise will stop. I’m not hundred percent convinced by that despite the tricorder readings he shown me. I’m do wonder if there is a hidden defect in the door that we won’t find till we have a retrofit stop over in a year or two time.


The other thing that has become a serious irritation is the crew’s new random and irrational belief that we have a guardian angel onboard. As far as I can tell it started on the lower decks and is spreading upwards. From what my command crew can gather, it seems that  a couple of crewmen have reported seeing a strange humanoid women with red hair wearing a white dress sometimes with wings wondering the lower decks and preventing accidents or leading crewmembers to fault ship components.


We had another vision this morning from ‘D’ deck, so I asked Kallachit as my Security Chief to run a complete security sweep for a shape-shifter alien intruder. However after three shifts and a couple of false alarms, the senior officers and I have concluded we don’t have an unauthorized shapeshifter onboard but there is something behind this string of sightings.


Thus I have asked Doctor Joy Southcott to run the whole crew bloods through a tox-screen to look for any sign of foreign substances. That might explain these strange hallucinations. To date she has had no luck in finding a medical cause for these visions. So I’ve also asked Engineer Tulansen to double check the environmental controls but he has ensured me that they’re not report anything wrong with ship atmosphere nor are hand tricorders reporting anything different from the main controls.


I want to believe my X/O Commander Schick when she says it’s just new ship nerves and just like the bridge turbo-lift door noise, once we‘ve broke the ship in, the sightings will stop.


I want to believe that, these little blips are just nothing and when we get the ship run in they will stop and the Excalibur will meaningful contributing to the continual success of the United Federation of Planets.


Because as I a Xindi- Reptilian commanded this human built constitution class starship through federation space, I do dream that we’ll be the ones who finally unify the five surviving races of the Xindi together beneath one banner.


But to do that I need my crew to stop seeing mythical creatures on the lower decks, because after being mislead by the sphere-builders the last thing any Xindi want to hear, is anything to do with believe in supernatural beings.


Maybe next week things will be better once we get our real operational orders, Like a lot of the crew here I’m hoping for a five year exploration mission and not border dog patrol reinforcement.


End Log.


Well there you go.

Comments are welcome as always.

All Photo’s are from trekcore library.

As always till next time keep to the warp speed limit but I wish you safe trekking.


False Bill.

Boldly Reading – February Review – Matters Of The Heart

Well I’m trying to get on top of the various outstanding Admiral orders, so I’m work through them in chronically order, which makes my next task to tackle this outstanding review of the Matters of the Heart by M C Pehrson.

Further details of Admiral Jespah orders can be viewed at:

While Admiral Jespah interview with the Author can be viewed at: –


So onto the questions themselves: –

Q1. Lauren holds back because of what, exactly? Pride? Jealousy of Gillian Taylor?

A1. Having not had time to go back and read the early stories as recommended by the author I can’t be 100% sure of Lauren reasons but I have to say I think it’s fear.

As her main drivers seem to me to be a mix of: –

  • A fear of rejection,
  • A fear of finding the restore Spock isn’t the older Spock and she truly has lost him,
  • A fear of reopening all her old emotional wounds from their previous relationship.
  • An all to human fear of change, she wants to stay in the broken present (as sub-consciously represented by the damaged beach house).

While Lauren does seem to be slightly Jealous of Gillian it seems to me to be more because she closer to Spock as a friend than she is as an ex-lover.

Q2. Did her reasons make sense?

A2. Yes, most Humans do strange things because of their feelings and what people do because of fear of love is the strangest of all and this story does a good job of conveying Lauren (and Spock’s) inner turmoil.

Q3. What about Spock’s reasons for holding back?

A3. It seems to me that he still feels removed from who he was before his death and doesn’t quiet know how to reconnect to those who were important to him. I guess perhaps he afraid of showing how much the experience has effecting him and what he lost like his emotional discipline and especially the increase use of 20th century rude vocabulary. Maybe he worries his old friends will reject him if they think he isn’t the same man as before.


Q4. How has he changed, post-resurrection?

A4. He seems to have lost some of his Vulcan emotional control and began to let his human behavior creep in, hence why he seems in public to be to trying to act more Vulcan, as demonstrate by wearing his Vulcan formal (desert) robes during his visit to the cold Minneapolis and his Aunt Doris. Which isn’t a logical action like he seems to be trying to tell him self that it is.


Q4a. Were his changes believable?

A4a. Having not died and being brought back I can’t say for sure, but they do seem logical steps on the road back to balance after resurrection.

Q5. What should happen to T’Beth?

Q5a. Do you think Spock should hand his child over to his aunt?

A5. Honestly based upon this story alone I’m not sure what the base course of action for T’Beth is. Family links are important and the fact that both Amanda and Spock can see some merit in the idea means it might not be a bad idea. I still feel she be better off with her father more than anyone else.

Q6. Can Doris be trusted not to just turn T’Beth into a full-blown human type of person? Or will T’Beth’s Vulcan heritage be respected?

A6. I have Insignificant evidence to answer that one, I think Doris feels some guilt over past actions towards Spock and for that reason I think she would try to respect T’Beth Vulcan Heritage, I’ve just doubts about her being able to do it long term. After all I can’t foresee many Vulcan’s living Minneapolis.

Q7. What was the climax of the story?

A7. The accidentally meeting in the Park between Lauren and Spock, and both of them are force to try and deal with their hidden feelings, the climax is then drawn out till the honest phone call between them, which stills leaves the unanswered personal questions hanging in the air.

Q7a. Did it devolve to a satisfactory conclusion?

A7a. In the sense that it wasn’t a happy ending no, it didn’t reach a satisfactory conclusion. However in the sense that Spock and Lauren are speaking again and setting up the next chapter it was a pitch perfect conclusion.

Q8. What happens right after the curtain comes down on the story?

A8. Lauren and Spock get a good night sleep.


Q9. Where would you take these characters – and this ship – next?

A9. As I’ve said before there not my characters, so I wouldn’t take them anywhere.

If I did have control of them, I think I be tempt to having Spock visit Lauren at the beach house after speaking with McCoy or Kirk about the matter.


Final Comments

Despite having not read M C Pehrson earlier stories in the series, this was an enjoyable read and only required a basic understanding of the aftermath of Star Trek III and IV. The prose was solid and easy to read, to the extent I was able to focus on the story itself. That was well though out piece.

Spock and the other known cannon character all seem to be in keeping with the movies portrayal.

I would recommend it but I might suggest you follow the author advice and start at the beginning rather than jump straight in.

As always all Blog pictures are courtesy of

Till next time safe Trekking.


False Bill

3-4-All:- Blog Prompt #16 – What Have You Learned from Writing Fan Fiction?

Captain Log stardate: 67594.6

So after our enforced short rest from dry eyes during January at long last USS False Bill is once more underway and investigating some more simple questions. (So apologizes to both Funngunner and M C Pehrson, I’m still planning to go back do blog reviews of both of your story in due course).

Anyway Helm it time to seek out those answers for Admiral Jespah.



Q1. What has writing fan fiction taught you?

A1. That my spelling and written English syntax sucks!

Thought I suspect that before I wrote Fan fiction. What I can say is that trying to find cannon character voice and my own characters unique voice for the story can be tricky. Indeed casting Character has help to a degree but some characters have so far remained uncast since I can’t think of a good actor to cast.


I have also learnt that writing a complete story piece is hard but fun work, but the key reviewing and getting a final polish is even harder work and lot less fun. Also a little is quite as satisfactory as the feeling of seeing your story posted and getting constructive feedback on.


Q2. And what do you think it can teach others?

A2. To appreciate how much hard work goes into stories, to be thick-skinned and more tolerant of others point of view and their interruptions on cannon characters and events.


Bonus Question!

Q3. What do you think, specifically, posting and reading fan fiction on Ad Astra has taught you?

A3. Well Ad Astra first taught me don’t let Miranda Faye see me drop any crumbs, and if I do ensure it’s in lil Black Dog Roomba robots patrol area but don’t drop Pie #81 as that will eat through the hull.


However on a serious note. It taught me that there is a very likeable global community of much more talented Star Trek Authors than either those that wrote the last Into Darkness Movie or me. These wonderful people who take the time, patients and skill to nurture rookie authors and help retain Star Trek unique place as the unify of science-fiction.

More than anything it has restored my faith in the kindness of trekkie strangers.


Anyway I think the sensors are failing, so I’ll leave it there for now.

As always queries or feedback are welcome.

Till next time, I’ll wish you all safe trekking.


False Bill

3-4-All #015 Blog as a Character – Transitions

Captain’s Log Star-date 67463.6

Admiral Jespah XV & Miranda Fave has just sent through new orders, which can be viewed by any of the crew USS False Bill at: –

After some debate I have decide to ask Admiral Emmylou Galyaski of Starbase USS Ganges to respond on my behalf, as Captain Lily seems to have acquired a two day R&R pass from someone.

Private Log Star-date 84009.83

Dear Diary,

How are you? Me? Oh I’m much the same as yesterday only that the mysterious non-corporeal force known only as FalseBill appeared in my office this morning and proceeded to set me the task of answering some questions for him least he do something nasty to myself and the station personnel under my command.

However the questions aren’t the easiest, so I’ve got the whole USS Ganges Command Crew to help out. I attached a recording of this morning discussion on the questions.


Q1. How do you handle transitions?


Ike: That’s a bit of an open-end question to start with!

Jalke’i:  What sort of transitions? I mean I didn’t handle been transfer from the Station onto the Q skating ring that well.

Emmylou: No Jalke’i I don’t think that what the question is getting at.

Luxani: Traditionally non-corporeal life forms are more interested in emotional changes perhaps you should discuss one of your recent emotional transitions Admiral?

Emmylou: Which would you suggest Councillor?

Luxani: Well becoming a widow was a major transition—

Emmylou: Luxani, the lower cargo-store room does need an full deep clean and re-inventory by hand were you just volunteering?

Jalke’i: Why not try a happy transition instead, like meeting me for the first time

Senezqu: Happy transition, meeting you?

Jalke’i: Hey—

Emmylou: Number One, that is uncalled for!

Reqknor: Arresting Jalke’i and you Admiral for the first time in that Dixon Hill Holo-adventure was a happy transition for me.

Emmylou: Glad you enjoy that.

Ike: Was it the completing the holo-novel or the Admiral in handcuffs that did it for you then Reqknor?

Emmylou: Ike!

Senezqu: Mister Minorus, that ‘s a whole inappropriate question in a staff meeting.

Luxani: Yes we all know that it was Jalke’i in handcuffs that did it.

Emmylou: Councillor!

Senezqu: Shall I ask Dr. Chamze to scan the station for remaining traces of the cupid various Admiral?

Emmylou: Now that’s one transition I don’t want to be reminded of, when all my senior staff turned into a bunch of love-struck Romeo & Juliet’s and kept trying to romance me.

Senezqu: perhaps we should just answer, very badly?

Emmylou: yes the Answer to question one is very badly.


Q2. Do they frighten you? Inspire you? Sicken you? Amuse you?


Ike: Well that depends upon the transitions because it’s could be any of them.

Luxani: I do agree with you Ike.

Emmylou: fine that easy, Watching people reveal via transition to be a member of species 8472—

Senezqu: I believe it prefer to called them the Undine these days.

Emmylou: 8472 or Undine the tipeds infiltrators watching the reveal transitions is frightening what ever they’re called as a species.

Jalke’i: Well when you put your game face on that inspires me Admiral.

Ike: Jalke’i turning into the Admiral’s number one fan-girl–.

Luxani: Now Ike, you should book a session with me to discuss your problem with—

Emmylou: In the room, can you three take this off-line please?

Ike: Yes Admiral.

Senezqu: now watching those three face transition changes, when you tell them off does amuse me, Admiral.

Emmylou: A reminder I’ve still got a lower cargo-store room needing a full deep clean and re-inventory by hand, so be nice to each other.


Then my dear diary is when we got onto the awkward question with two parts to save my crew blushes I’ve only included the essential part of the conversation.

Q3. Tell us about a memorable transition: –

Q3a. One that went well?

Emmylou: Taking command of my first command the USS Trireme and get my eldest child Sophia to accept life in a starship nursery without a hiss-fit.

Jalke’i: Going from a happy-go luck cadet to a serious Starfleet ensign on graduating the academy.

Ike: A serious Starfleet ensign?

Jalke’i: Yes, hence why I’m the Admiral’s best personnel assistant.

Senezqu: My marriage to my beautiful Klingon bride Grilkasa, I want from a stuffy by the book officer to a more rounded individual, with a wider cultural appreciation.

Ike: More rounded Senezqu? I’m going to call Doctor Chamze now we clearly had a break out of a different strain of the cupid virus; everybody has gone lovesick and Delusional.

Luxani: You know cynicism doesn’t suit you Ike.

Emmylou: No but cleaning the lower storeroom does, we see you later Ike.

Ike: Yes Admiral.


Q3b. One that didn’t go so well?

Ike: having to go and clean the lower storeroom.

Luxani: Bye Ike.

Well diary I didn’t tell the senior officers but I know one of the worse transition I had to endure was the day I finally got my Scott, may he rest in peace, to admit and face up to his binge drinking problem. It was so hard going from a happy couple to one with miss-trust issues ever time alcohol was around, it took far too long to work our way through that issue. The only transition memory that was nearly as bad was back when I became the USS Atlantis X/O after the first battle of Cait and my first task was working out just who and how many friends and colleagues we lost in that failed Dominion assault, at least that horrid only last a day.

Bonus questions!

Let’s say you meet a character. It could be a canon person, or not. They might be from your universe, or not.

Dear Diary it’s me again now what on Earth does FalseBill mean by Canon person? I’ve consulted the Starfleet database and even the Federation interweb database and both are just drawing a blank, so I’ll just go with historical hero or heroine instead.

Well as soon as I said that change to the bonus questions, Jalke’i said she wanted to answer these questions, so over to Jalke’i

Thanks Admiral, the persons I most like to go back and meet so I could help them would be Prime Minister Kulei and Commodore Lily Fitzroy just before Centauran first contact with the Federation.


Q4. What would you tell them about a transition that they might be going through?

A4. Well I tell Kulei that she is leading the Centauran through it most important transition in its history, to have less faith in the old court and judges system and not listen to old myths and start first contact by provoking Lily via aggressive greetings.

I also tell Lily not to wear the formal uniform hat to the meeting with Kulei and go with a Vulcan hand salute rather than an Earth handshake.


Q5. How could you help them with it?

A5. Well having attending the Academy course on diplomacy and first contacts I’ve read and writing essay on both ladies biographies and have watched the classic Centauran film ‘Successful Failure’ as part of my first year at the academy. I understand


Q6. Would you help them?

A6. Screw the Temporal prime directive, I would offer both Kulei and Captain Lily Fitzroy my sage advice and experience to prevent the tragic misunderstanding that was Centauran First Contact.


Till next time XXX & OOO to you diary.

Admiral Emmylou Galyaski

USS Ganges