The Trek Letter List – No. 3 Write a Letter to Parents

 Well it being a bit of a bad week which has seen me fall a bit behind on these but here is my latest effort to response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Anyway this is my third challenge answer which is to post is a letter from one of my character to their parents.


After a bit of inner debate, this turned out to be a job for Captain Jolene (Red) Lallason.

To: Martin Lallason

Deyosma Colony,

Red Reality



Dear Dad,



You might be wonder why I’m bothering to writing to you, when I’m currently stuck in an alternative timeline and no way to send you this letter, I know I am.

Well it because Starfleet Councillor Luxani, felt following the events that land me here that I might be able to get my head around it better if I wrote my thoughts all down in a letter.


So here is that letter, any way as an ex-Starfleet officer I suppose you be interested to knowing what this alternative timeline is like. While this new reality is much the same as ours just further along in history, the local year is 2409, and you’ve been dead for over a century, but then so has the alternative of me.  I can’t see any real historical difference up to the moment my ship and crew were thrown into this timeline.


Starfleet have taken us in and looked after us. Sadly even the best of their science diversion say there is no way we’re ever going to get home. 

So I’m trying to do my best to adept to this reality and lead my crew in a different reality. It’s not easy but while the USS Boadicea is being retrofit, we’ve been post to a nearby Starbase called USS Ganges where the station Councillor Luxani has being a help me to adept, hence this letter.


I guess it seem weird to realised that I never going to taste your home cooking again, hear your bad jokes, or witness those little touches of love. That I can no longer visit the family house that you built with Mum that hold such dear childhood memories for me, since here it has long fallen into ruins. The worse thing is that you gone and I’ve not got a chance to say goodbye properly and from your view you likely never know what happen to me. I hope you met someone new or did something to enjoy your retirement and didn’t just stay in the local pub drinking ale and playing dominos.


Funny thing is, I always thought of Mum as my main driver in life, she was my first heroine and the real reason I want into Starfleet, you were just my Dad. The one who was there when I need someone to see me as the second Shepard on the left in the school Christmas play. The one who read me bedtime stories when Mum was away on duty.


Mum said I took you for granted and I guess it wasn’t till I got to the Academy that I began to understand that you were her and mine rock and now in the blink of a temporal anomaly I find myself beginning to realising how much I relied on you and how I’m missed you as much as Mum.


Well the other strange thing is in this new reality I’ve met the older sister I never had who is also called Jolene, but in her reality I’m called Abby it seems being a bit of a weird thing I know. However while mum’s path seems different, yours seems much the same. It weird how both her and me our similar seem to start with both of us recall your daft little jokes or taking us to lacrosse practice, encouraging our passions and skills.


The other Jolene (we take to calling her Blue) for the colour of her ship’s nacelles saw that Abby was very much a Daddy girl and didn’t feel the need to follow so close in Mum footsteps as her, the older sister was already doing that.


I’m worried that perhaps Abby was better version of me and that she gave her version of you all the appreciation and respect that maybe I didn’t because I want to be Mum Mark II.


In hindsight I realise I never said this enough but Thank you for everything and that I do love you Dad every bit as Mum, I hope that I never gave you reason to doubt that.


I missed you but I’ll adept and go on from the wonderful foundation you gave me.

Yours loving daughter,



Xxx & Ooo’s 

PS: My crew and I, play my alternate sister and her crew. We won 4-3 last night Go Reality Red 😉

All the Pictures are from Trekcore.