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Boldly Reading #5 Their Finest Hour Review

Slightly overdue on the January review but here is my response to Boldly Reading challenge #5.

The Story for review and analysis is Their Finest Hour: Fire and Rain Part One & Two (aka A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall) by Funngunner.

So Admiral Jespah and Admiral MirandaFave Orders for the review can be viewed at: –


You can see mine and other various short reviews and the story here: –

You can see Admiral MF review in his Blog reply: –

The Author’s Q&A with Jespah can be viewed here: –

So anyway onto the Boldly Reading questions.

Q1. What were the climaxes of the stories?

A1.  An interesting question to ask about this story.

I think you could potentially argue the each of the various different characters has a different climax.  For me part one starts with the climax of both parts as J.J. Carmichael hit his field quarters but is unable to sleep due to the horrors that he has seen that day.

While for me part one does seem to reach it main climaxes with the United Earth Government give the order to going to its maximum alert status.

While part two, for me doesn’t feel to have a clear conclusion. The closest we get, for me is the moment when the rescued little girl is identified Penda Uhura to the cadets, the implication being that this is an ancestor to Nyota Uhura and thus the TOS/AOS timelines have being saved.  However as the Author has already hint there is a part three in the works perhaps everything will fall together better when I get to read that.


Q2. Did they devolve to satisfactory conclusions?

A2.  Part one yes, that in the face of an inevitable defeat, The Admiral finds a small silver lining that Academy resources have been used to pull together a disaster recover centre.

Part two despite being an excellent story with good description work of the tragedy, my answer would be no. It just felted a paragraph short for me. I think with the cadets fuel limit fast approaching they just don’t have the time to rescue all three people, and thus I felt it should of ending with showing the cadets facing up to that harsh truth of having to abandon at least one or two civilian to their fate. Thus explaining and fitting nicely with the part one open scene.


Q3. What happens right after the curtain comes down on the story?

A3.  Well I fear that the Cadets will have to lack of fuel leave one or two of the civilians behind, which means that they might have to deal with a very distort little girl.

I do wonder how Starfleet command will respond to their own defensive failings and what the Cadets went through in their efforts to save lives in the aftermath. Plus the Media obvious negative reaction to their failings.


I like to see if Anne Ortega and her daughter do truly escape the horrors of Miami and what happens to then and the other surviving refugees as they try to rebuild their lives. As they do feel a very separate sub-plot and not linked back to the main cadet heroes plot arc.


Q4. Where would you take these characters next?

A4. Nowhere there are Funngunner Characters.

Now if I was going to write the next chapter I be looking at the disaster recover, how the civilians we’ve already seen on the ground react after surviving the attack but lose everything, how the cadets and their Starfleet seniors see their own efforts. I might focus on the Government priorities after the attack, do they put resources and time on planetary defenses, rebuilding or trying to build resources on Mars in case Earth doesn’t survive the next attack. i.e. another look at the United Earth Government executive inner working.

Due to IRL time shortage I’m not going to tackle the bonus question for once, due to it requires me to read another story.

So instead I want to touch on something that Admiral Miranda Fave said on Enterprise as a series and the Series 3 Xindi arc in his Blog.


The (Enterprise) series did have a lot of flaws and miscalculations in its execution of elements, concepts and characters.


A lot of flaws? I would say that is a harsh statement, it had no more flaws than TNG, DS9 or VOY when they were first launched. It biggest flaw can be drawn back to the Network rushing the show writers for a quick launch of the NX01 and so after the excellent Broken Bow opener we had a episode that could of come from TNG or VOY left over story pile. ENT suffering from being the youngest of the Trek Family Series and coming last to air.


It (The Xindi Arc) attempted to tackle continuity and do the kind of storytelling seen in DS9′s Dominion War arc, especially its series culmination stories. Where DS9 was applauded for the approach ENT seemed to get short shrift.


Now I would agree with Miranda Fave on this. I do think the ENT Xindi arc is the equal of DS9 Dominion War ARC. As someone said recently (I think it might of being either Gettysburg or Sorridum on the G&T Show) TNG had a weak two first seasons and didn’t get going till after it series three.


On the issue of raiding the Illyrian Vessel we seen Archer put into a dark place and force to made harsh decision, but ask your self honestly, to save Earth do you think in Archer position that Kirk, Sulu, Picard, Janeway or Sisko have done anything different? For me it was the same sort of choice as Sisko using Garek to trick the Romulans into joining the war against the Dominion.


Well those are my initials thoughts, overall I think this is an excellent piece of work that give some thing only seen a thirty second screen tragedy a proper examination and is well worth a read by all people who enjoy good science fiction.


Still as always constructive feedback is welcome.

Till next time, I’ll wish you all happy reading.

False Bill

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The Trek Letter List – No. 2 Write a Letter to a Crush

Well to continue my response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Feel free to see the original post here: –

Anywat this second challenge post is a letter from one character to someone they have a crush on.


This clearly feels like a job for Martin Lallason to his favorite lady Captain Lily Fitzroy


To: Captain Lily Fitzroy

Reed Street, Valley View Town


Dear Lily, 

I’m writing you yet another secret letter that you will never see. I suppose you’re wondering why? Now that is a good question, but then you did always have the ability to ask the right question. You’re so good at it that you do it even when you’re just a figment of my imagination. It’s one of your many talents I do admire you for.


Yes I know I am avoid answering the real question. The real answer (if I dare to truthfully answer in this letter), I tell myself that it’s to do with how low you have been feeling of late. You need a real friend more than a love interest, especially from someone you could do so much better than. So I can’t show my true feeling right now, so I put them in this letter to lock them away. So I will be your friend in this time of need, and my love will remain hidden.


I mean I am just a back room supply depot captain, who spends his day sorting out the supplies to keep everybody else going, not an glamorous ex-flagship starship captain like you.


I’ve spend the last ten minutes going through my Oxford Federation Thesaurus but I can’t find the words to do you and my feelings justice.

The closest I’ve got is the words of the old song I heard on the radio just now called “Angel Flying to Close to the Ground.”

The first verse or is it the chorus I never sure but the words that struck a chord with me were: –

If you had not have fallen

Then I would not have found you

Angel flying too close to the ground

And I patched up your broken wing

And hung around a while

Tried to keep your spirits up

And your fever down

I knew someday that you would fly away

For love’s the greatest healer to be found

Odd isn’t that I need the words of the old red haired stranger to describe my redhead friend. Though in truth perhaps I would paraphrase my version as: –

If you had not have fallen

Then I would not have found you

My Angel who has being grounded

And I’ll try to patched up your broke soul

And I will hang around while you need me

Trying to fix your heart

And keep your doubts down

But I know someday that you will fly away
 to the stars.

For this hidden lover is the greatest healer you’ll find.


A metal butterfly is about to flap it's wings.

A metal butterfly is about to flap it’s wings.

It lame I know and that why this letter will remain hidden from your sight. To save us both from the embarrassment factor should you ever see it.


I want you back to your brilliant best to shine once more but I sadly suspect that when I heal you, then you will go back to the stars without me. I now this will break my heart more than you could or must ever know.

But as I love you so much that all I want, is for you to be happy and I do believe that the only place you can be happy is back on the bridge of your starship.

So I will do all I can to get you back there and fully happy.


Your Friend


The Trek Letter List – No.1 Letter to a best friend

Well MirandaFave has set a new MF Homework challenge a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Feel free to see the original post here:-

The first challenge is a letter between Best Friends.


Well whom should I pick for this treatment…

I think it’s time for a bit of Emmylou and Xenktid during the Dominion War.


To: Lt. Commander Galyaski

USS Atlantis

Greetings Emmylou,

Sorry this is so short but I’m dashing it off during a quiet moment of my current convoy escorting. However my crew and I have claimed our ace of Galor cruisers.

Anyway congratulations are in order on your field promotion to first officer of USS Atlantis and your part in repealing the first Dominion assault of Cait. While I know you will easily raise to the challenge. I can only wish it was under better conditions. Indeed I’m starting to think my Victory Cocktail Party will involve half of the Admiralty board. Though even if you are an Admiral, I’m expecting you to hold back my hair when I puke after the last cocktail experiment.


Just remember as you’re now an X/O of a Galaxy class you’ve got to keep not just your ship running smoothly but also every other ship in your fleet in the loop. Still I’m sure you’ll rise to the challenge.

I shall see you soon. 



To Captain Xenktid

USS Hurricane

Hello Xenktid, 

I’m glad to hear from you, thanks for your letter and congratulations and my congratulations on your ace kill. I hope you’ll forgive me if I say that I’m hoping that Starfleet losses doesn’t get so bad that we’re all Admirals at your Victory Cocktail Party. Still if you’re an Admiral I’m expecting you to get a decent brand of gin in.


Fingers crossed I see you well soon, keep those conveys safe.

I hope to write again soon, hopefully when the seize of Cait is fully lifted.

Love Emmylou.

3-4-All:- Blog Prompt #16 – What Have You Learned from Writing Fan Fiction?

Captain Log stardate: 67594.6

So after our enforced short rest from dry eyes during January at long last USS False Bill is once more underway and investigating some more simple questions. (So apologizes to both Funngunner and M C Pehrson, I’m still planning to go back do blog reviews of both of your story in due course).

Anyway Helm it time to seek out those answers for Admiral Jespah.



Q1. What has writing fan fiction taught you?

A1. That my spelling and written English syntax sucks!

Thought I suspect that before I wrote Fan fiction. What I can say is that trying to find cannon character voice and my own characters unique voice for the story can be tricky. Indeed casting Character has help to a degree but some characters have so far remained uncast since I can’t think of a good actor to cast.


I have also learnt that writing a complete story piece is hard but fun work, but the key reviewing and getting a final polish is even harder work and lot less fun. Also a little is quite as satisfactory as the feeling of seeing your story posted and getting constructive feedback on.


Q2. And what do you think it can teach others?

A2. To appreciate how much hard work goes into stories, to be thick-skinned and more tolerant of others point of view and their interruptions on cannon characters and events.


Bonus Question!

Q3. What do you think, specifically, posting and reading fan fiction on Ad Astra has taught you?

A3. Well Ad Astra first taught me don’t let Miranda Faye see me drop any crumbs, and if I do ensure it’s in lil Black Dog Roomba robots patrol area but don’t drop Pie #81 as that will eat through the hull.


However on a serious note. It taught me that there is a very likeable global community of much more talented Star Trek Authors than either those that wrote the last Into Darkness Movie or me. These wonderful people who take the time, patients and skill to nurture rookie authors and help retain Star Trek unique place as the unify of science-fiction.

More than anything it has restored my faith in the kindness of trekkie strangers.


Anyway I think the sensors are failing, so I’ll leave it there for now.

As always queries or feedback are welcome.

Till next time, I’ll wish you all safe trekking.


False Bill