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Boldly Reading – February Review – Matters Of The Heart

Well I’m trying to get on top of the various outstanding Admiral orders, so I’m work through them in chronically order, which makes my next task to tackle this outstanding review of the Matters of the Heart by M C Pehrson.

Further details of Admiral Jespah orders can be viewed at:

While Admiral Jespah interview with the Author can be viewed at: –


So onto the questions themselves: –

Q1. Lauren holds back because of what, exactly? Pride? Jealousy of Gillian Taylor?

A1. Having not had time to go back and read the early stories as recommended by the author I can’t be 100% sure of Lauren reasons but I have to say I think it’s fear.

As her main drivers seem to me to be a mix of: –

  • A fear of rejection,
  • A fear of finding the restore Spock isn’t the older Spock and she truly has lost him,
  • A fear of reopening all her old emotional wounds from their previous relationship.
  • An all to human fear of change, she wants to stay in the broken present (as sub-consciously represented by the damaged beach house).

While Lauren does seem to be slightly Jealous of Gillian it seems to me to be more because she closer to Spock as a friend than she is as an ex-lover.

Q2. Did her reasons make sense?

A2. Yes, most Humans do strange things because of their feelings and what people do because of fear of love is the strangest of all and this story does a good job of conveying Lauren (and Spock’s) inner turmoil.

Q3. What about Spock’s reasons for holding back?

A3. It seems to me that he still feels removed from who he was before his death and doesn’t quiet know how to reconnect to those who were important to him. I guess perhaps he afraid of showing how much the experience has effecting him and what he lost like his emotional discipline and especially the increase use of 20th century rude vocabulary. Maybe he worries his old friends will reject him if they think he isn’t the same man as before.


Q4. How has he changed, post-resurrection?

A4. He seems to have lost some of his Vulcan emotional control and began to let his human behavior creep in, hence why he seems in public to be to trying to act more Vulcan, as demonstrate by wearing his Vulcan formal (desert) robes during his visit to the cold Minneapolis and his Aunt Doris. Which isn’t a logical action like he seems to be trying to tell him self that it is.


Q4a. Were his changes believable?

A4a. Having not died and being brought back I can’t say for sure, but they do seem logical steps on the road back to balance after resurrection.

Q5. What should happen to T’Beth?

Q5a. Do you think Spock should hand his child over to his aunt?

A5. Honestly based upon this story alone I’m not sure what the base course of action for T’Beth is. Family links are important and the fact that both Amanda and Spock can see some merit in the idea means it might not be a bad idea. I still feel she be better off with her father more than anyone else.

Q6. Can Doris be trusted not to just turn T’Beth into a full-blown human type of person? Or will T’Beth’s Vulcan heritage be respected?

A6. I have Insignificant evidence to answer that one, I think Doris feels some guilt over past actions towards Spock and for that reason I think she would try to respect T’Beth Vulcan Heritage, I’ve just doubts about her being able to do it long term. After all I can’t foresee many Vulcan’s living Minneapolis.

Q7. What was the climax of the story?

A7. The accidentally meeting in the Park between Lauren and Spock, and both of them are force to try and deal with their hidden feelings, the climax is then drawn out till the honest phone call between them, which stills leaves the unanswered personal questions hanging in the air.

Q7a. Did it devolve to a satisfactory conclusion?

A7a. In the sense that it wasn’t a happy ending no, it didn’t reach a satisfactory conclusion. However in the sense that Spock and Lauren are speaking again and setting up the next chapter it was a pitch perfect conclusion.

Q8. What happens right after the curtain comes down on the story?

A8. Lauren and Spock get a good night sleep.


Q9. Where would you take these characters – and this ship – next?

A9. As I’ve said before there not my characters, so I wouldn’t take them anywhere.

If I did have control of them, I think I be tempt to having Spock visit Lauren at the beach house after speaking with McCoy or Kirk about the matter.


Final Comments

Despite having not read M C Pehrson earlier stories in the series, this was an enjoyable read and only required a basic understanding of the aftermath of Star Trek III and IV. The prose was solid and easy to read, to the extent I was able to focus on the story itself. That was well though out piece.

Spock and the other known cannon character all seem to be in keeping with the movies portrayal.

I would recommend it but I might suggest you follow the author advice and start at the beginning rather than jump straight in.

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Till next time safe Trekking.


False Bill