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3-4-All Prompt #10 – Character Sexuality/Relationship Mixes

Well Admiral Jespah been on and has issued some New Orders: –

Well we seem to be headed into a cloaked Romulan minefield of character sexuality so I shall proceeded head at dead slow. Since this is the issue that does tend to get people wound up, when it shouldn’t. I shall answer these questions because it’s fair to ask them, about this part of human nature that is so often ignored in stories.

I don’t have good answers but these are mine.

So if you easily offended go look at pretty pictures at Trekcore instead.



There has been a dearth of even minor characters with, shall we say, less mainstream sexual preferences and relationships. Often, a character would behave in this fashion if in the Mirror universe, or under some sort of duress.

Q1. How would you change that?

A1. Without a time-ship I don’t have any way to change the mistakes of the past. So I guess all I can say is by trying to include such characters in my future works, not as guest of the week or minor petty officer on deck nine but as one of those major characters at the heart of the series.

Q2. What would happen to canon characters if their preferences or their relationships were changed? Beyond the obvious choice of bed partners, how would known characters change?

A2. Would they change? Should they change? I don’t see that they should be any difference bar bed partners.

Well that my view from the outside, maybe I’m wrong but I think that would not be a problem in the Warp drive era onwards in the Trek verse.

So I just can’t see how if Reed, Scotty, Troi or Kim would be any different if their sexuality was made an lmspr one. 

Well I’ve also look at Jespah own answers at and SLWalker answers at These seem to suggest that they don’t see it making a real difference either.

Q3. Are there circumstances under which characters would behave differently but still within the fullest context of canon?

A3. Not sure I fully understand what this question is driving at but I presume you’re asking if Q show up and clicked his fingers and made everyone sexuality the reverse of what it normally is would it break cannon? Then the answer is no.

Alternative are you saying if AOS Scotty had a relationship with Keenser while stuck at that ice station and then chased M’Ress on Enterprise (well she is on my AOS verse Enterprise) would that break cannon?  That my answer would still be no, it would all still be in the fullest cannon for me, since there is nothing in cannon to contradict it.

Q4. Have you created any original characters that follow less mainstream preference/relationship models?

A4. Yes, but sadly at the current time I’ve only reveal two of my characters who are Schick the Xindi Insectoid and her lover Jolene Lallason, who are in a firm committee lesbian relationship for the still in development AOS Excalibur series but they have made their Ad Astra debut in the forums Weekly Free Write #099 IDIC. I do need to add more such characters to get a fairer balance on the Ariane, Argonaut, Excalibur, Trireme, Ganges and Ketcheleb, I suspect Romulan lmspr will be a big challenge.


I think perhaps part of the problem for me is I do mock/torture my characters at times and I’m perhaps worry that someone might get the wrong impression that I was only picking on my lmspr characters for their sexuality rather than just (miss) treating them like every other character.

I freely admit I don’t write enough lmspr relationships in my stories, partly as I try to stay away from exploring characters sexuality, since I feel my attempts at private relationship do seem clumsy and so I focus on their professional relationships instead, this is despite knowing that sexuality should be an integral part of the character generation.

No sexuality is it as bad as no face for a character?

No sexuality is it as bad as no face for a character? 

But on reflection maybe ignoring the issue is perhaps worse than just writing something second/third rate and a bit of a cheap characteristic. I think the biggest problem is I do write from my own experience and while I can get what men like in their women and so I think I can envisage what could be appealing about a women to another women or hermaphrodite Xindi – Insectoid, but I’ve always struggle with what women see in men and so I do struggle with what men see in other men or hermaphrodite Xindi – Insectoids. Perhaps this is a empathy failing on my part.

Q5. How do you get across their inner workings without continually announcing in every other paragraph something like, I’m gay! Now, let’s get a pizza?

A5. Further to my last answer when I do try to write such characters, I do try to treat them as just another character, unless the plot revolve around the character personal relationship with a potential love interest or a relationship issue with another character. I can accept that I don’t try hard enough to get the balance right, which is something I should endeavour to do in future.


Television programs and films naturally cater to worldwide audiences and have investors for which they need to show profits. That can hamper all forms of creativity, including the creation of less mainstream characters of any sort, and not just in the sexual arena (e. g. minorities, obese persons, persons with disabilities, etc.). Throw away the budget!


Q6. How would you rewrite a canon episode or film to showcase a character (main or not) with a less-mainstream preference?

A6. Badly.

Now for the more detailed answer I honestly don’t know, maybe for Enterprise I would make Trip Tucker the lead gay just to remove all those awful Vulcan nerve pressure massage scenes with T’Pol or at least get that completely wrong relationship out of the show. Heck he could then at least give Reed a better response to the T’Pol question in that Shuttlepod One scene! “Malcolm she is wrong race and the wrong gender”


Perhaps for TOS I would consider make Sulu / Chekov relationship a little more.

For TNG, I would change Yar sexuality and make that naked now scene in Deanna quarters an opening to make it a deep looked at Yar damaged upbringing on that failed colony and Troi supposedly open Betazed culture, rather than the draft Data is fully functional line. Then at least Deanna would have a good reason for calling her daughter Tasha.

Yar & Troi?

Yar & Troi?

For DS9 I’m not sure who I’d change maybe it be Bashir, though as Jazdia / Erzi Dax having been both genders in the past they could of up either or just one of her to full bi-sexual.

As for Voyager, Tom and Kim might of made a good gay couple.

A very alternate wedding on USS Voyager.

A very alternate wedding on USS Voyager.

Though while speaking of lmspr, I can’t help think that Kathryn Janeway seem to enjoy the struggling in bondage in those two captain Proton episodes and a couple of other episodes a little to much.

Though I suspect that was that just my over active male imagination as work? Still it might explain another reason she was afraid to hook up with a crewmember or Q 😉

It all to save the ship.

It all to save the ship.



I still sure she not enjoying this!

I still sure she not enjoying this!

Bonus Questions!

Q7. Have you read others’ non-mainstream characters?

A7. Yes

Q8. Which are your favorites? Which relationships are the most believable?

A8. I’ve to go with Jessica and Justine by TemplarSola who just edge out Paul and Clark from Teri Lynn’s Heritage series but to be fair it’s a close run thing.

Q9. Which scenarios, outside of relationships, are most believable for these characters?

A9. The volleyball game fallout from Interlude – First Kiss

Q10. Again, throwing away the budget, what would you do if you could make your own new Star Trek series from scratch, where at least one or two characters would be out of the mainstream?

A10. The bottom line is I’m not sure how I would tackle it, I mean being British I saw the bashing the BBC took for both modern Dr. Who and Torchwood from a supposedly liberal minded public and press for daring to be a little more liberal with character who had less mainstream sexual preferences and relationships (lmspr) for some of the main characters (i.e. Captain Jack).

Well if it was up to me I can think of three ways I be tempt to try: –

A) I’ll be tempted for that reasons mention above to set a show entirely in the Mirror universe, focus on the Terran Freedom and Empire restoration movement. Since it seems more acceptable to the powers at be, to show more lmspr in that verse. Since the Terran Freedom fighter are more likely to have unusual relationships in order to survive and likely accept any body who will fight against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

So I would use that as Trojan horse to break in the less mainstream sexual preferences.

Mirror Fun

Mirror Fun

B) My next idea would be to do a vessel and/or starbase increase the number of aliens who have different biological and cultural relationship, i.e. Denobulans and Andorians or Vissians and then use that as a metaphor for lmspr, once that bed in I would then introduce lmspr humans into the senior crew and try to highlight the hypocrisy of most anti-lmspr views.

Tri-sex race the Vissians.

Tri-sex race the Vissians.

I admit neither idea A or B is ideal and so part of me would just be tempted 

C) To bring the excellent Vanguard book series to the scene.


But then that also seems a cop out. All I can say is I would try to include major & minor characters both human alien with lmspr relationships and try to find a way to organically integrate it into the series.

Q11. How would you handle showing the differences for HBO, or PBS, or ABC Family, if any of those networks deigned to carry your show?

A11. No idea, not being American so I can only answer for the British networks 

  • BBC

I’m presuming most of you have seen BBC America or BBC World Service and so know what the channel output is like. I think as BBC has historically been the home of Star Trek in the pre satellite/cable days, I could see them carrying Trek and given how Dr. Who has been allowed to move into lmspr relationship when it not to graphic. I think they would be no problem with a new show as people would kept they clothes on or were hidden behind bedclothes. The focus would likely to be more dry and drama driven. Perhaps with an historical context, since BBC tends to do period drama better than new Sci-Fi. So I might go down the route of maybe a T.I.C. series. So that it can then visits all the other eras as part of winning the temporal cold war.

Opps - Broke the future again

Opps – Broke the future again

  • itv

Since they very similar to BBC, these days but more commercial minded, so I think the only difference from BBC would be advert breaks and slightly more interested in getting the rating, they might allow a bit more nudity, but not enough to upset their sponsors. I refer to Primeval for an example of what you could expect.

i.e. a lot of bedroom/bathroom scenes with people in their underwear for no logic reason. So I suspect an AOS Series maybe on the USS Hood or the USS Excalibur


  • Channel 4

Well it would be made on a shoestring budget and the independent free nature means it fit in but I fear they might be slightly over graphic with lmspr sex scene, but would have the conviction to try and explore the deeper issues of lmspr’s. So I guess this be like TNG in later sessions, perhaps an after the USS Titan Series, to keep alien mark-up costs down.

Admiral Riker

Admiral Riker 

  • Channel 5

O dear that could well just be low budget PWP series, just for the notoriety of doing a gay trek, I think I would run a mile from anything Channel 5 wants to do with trek.

  • Sky One

Well as the rich Satellite channel with style over a substance approach at times, I suspect the show would be like AOS STID but with even more pointless semi clad characters and none plot required sex scenes, but they would want it a bit more Battlestar Galactica style perhaps a re-visit of the Dominion war, perhaps a different front with a re-cast Alyanna Nechayev as the G&T Show recently suggested, as she wouldn’t care one jolt about her crew sexuality as long as they follow her orders. 

Alynna Nechayev will order anyone to their death for the UFP

Alynna Nechayev will order anyone to their death for the UFP

Q12. Do you read slash (male-male relationships) or femme slash (female-female relationships), either on Ad Astra or elsewhere?

A12. Yes, I’ve occasional read both these type of slash and must admit the non-graphical ones I can on the whole make my peace with but what would be PWP, well sadly it don’t click for me.

Q13. Aside from PWP, how did the authors bring home ideas about their characters’ sexuality? Was it clichéd? Did it succeed? Was it hit or miss?

A13. Sadly a lot of the slash I’ve seen could be classified as Porn Without Plot. PWP-I’m so glad Jespah blog said what those initials stood for, which hold no real interest to me, as plot is somewhat important to me when reading stories. So I classified a lot of them as miss.

Well I hope I’m not offend anybody but that is my two penny (£0.02, €0.02 or $0.03) worth on this delicate subject. This has been a hard blog to write as I’ve endeavour to try and make sure I get my thoughts down clearly.

Cheers for reading, all constructive comments are welcome as always.

Till next time take care and keep writing.

False Bill

3-4-All – 009 AU Settings Part B

Well it would seems that Admiral MDg has some more questions/clarifications for me, 

Well I try to answer then for you here, sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

Q1. What do you define as the “soul of Trek?”

A1. Something very I find a little hard to define, hence why I didn’t last time but I suppose I should have. So I try now, to me “soul of Trek” is that exploration spirit mix with friendship that under pins the better part of human natures that is represenate by the Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship, Picard vs. Q moral questions, Data search to understand the human condition. Sisko moral dileminas especially when he drags the Romulans into the Dominion war or Janeway & Voyager search for the right human way cut off from the federation or Seven mission to become a human individual again.

Uhura & Spock trying to do Soul Music?

Uhura & Spock trying to do Soul Music?


Q2. Also, what do you define as an “extraordinary verse”?

Q2. Looking at the past answer that is a fair question, I would define an “extraordinary verse” as one where everyone and everything always seem a perfect fit for the scenario, that no hero plan ever seems to fails in the slightest. One where every one million to one shots come off more often that 50:50 chances. Everything seems to be shiny or new and nothing is second hand, bent or broken. Including the Heroes and villains support cast. Thankfully we don’t see to many of them but when I’ve encounter them that type of verse does seem to be Mary Sue rich environment.


An extraordinary verse?

An extraordinary verse?

By the way, Terry lynn is rewriting her Heritage series, if you haven’t checked it out yet. 🙂

Yes I’ve checked it out, good isn’t it, Anyway who hasn’t go read it here: –

Admiral Riker

Admiral Riker

 Q3 Can you expand on below? I’m not sure what you mean by this statement.

“Hmm I think when people switch from thinking of it’s a minor character 
with new back-story to thinking of it as X author character that just 
happen to have appeared once.”


Okay lets see if I can add further clarification for you here.

A3. I go with a slightly bigger ‘B’ Character than the original question refer to, that is Daniels from the Enterprise series. Now he made the occasional supporting character role in more than one episode and so we left with a vague impression of him. However the very talent Jespah has written quite more back-story for him and his T.I.C. co-workers. Plus she has assign him other habits both good and bad.

He an agent of Jespah not the T.I.C.

He an agent of Jespah not the T.I.C.

So having now read and enjoy some of Jespah excellent work, I do now tend to think of him as Temporal Agent Richard Daniels’s and so I don’t look at Jespah work for inconsistent with the TV show but rather when I view Enterprise old episodes I compare him to the mental model that Jespah has painted in her fine works and not the other way around.

I hope that make sense.

I hope that helps clarify those questions.

I also note that Admiral Jespah is also in the house. You welcome Ma’am along with Trekfan for a shout out and you got another one this time as well.



S1. The most fun about 3110 or so is that it’s pretty much a blank slate. I approach it by thinking of the reverse. It’s more or less a millennium from now, and the Norman Conquests are more or less a millennium ago. So – how have things changed?

It’s a fun kind of thought experiment.

R1. Well I think you’ve done a excellent job of exploring that potential future, the only thing about 3110 that was said on screen and seem to hint at something dark, was the missing monument to the United Federation of Planets, since to my mind you don’t build major monuments to still existing organizations but I know others disagree on that.

The Future

The Future

S2. I do so love Naurr (as you know), and what is so charming there is that he is indeed a stranger in a strange land.

R2. Always a good character in fantasy or sci-fi setting is a stranger, so he can look at the normal things and ask the questions the reader might want to ask but no-one else would in character have a reason to ask.

T'Pol in a strange land.

T’Pol in a strange land.


S3. And of course the NX-04 would not be run exactly like the other ships in the fleet. I also love that things break.

R3. I’m happy I have manage in the few stories so far to show how the NX-04 is both like and dislike her Enterprise and Columbia sisters.

NX-04 Ariane

NX-04 Ariane

S4. That’s a bit of what I was trying to get at with asking about a Mary Sue-type of setting. I see the Enterprise-E as being a bit like that. It just seems a bit too much luxury yachts in space.

R4. Yes the Enterprise-E did feel a little like that, but then I suppose it the flagship of an experience and vast organization which can afford to cherry pick the best, even so I did think looking at the Mary See questions neither Picard or Riker would of scored that favourable under that system.

Not this future Enterprise :(

Not this future Enterprise 🙁

S5. I’m with Q. Space is dangerous. It’s got amazing wonders but we shouldn’t forget that it (and its trappings, e. g. ship design) also killed people like Gus Grissom and Christa McAuliffe. Imperfection = drama.

R5. I’m 110% with you and Q on that. I think that was sadly Roddenberry’s creation early fault, was he was prepared to allow his future humans to be imperfect, and so it did at times hamstring the writers.

It the characters failing as people much as the success that make the drama and the heart, dare I say it the very soul of modern Trek.

I can confirm Naurr is indeed waving his tail for you and O’Day. 😉

3-4-All #9 – AUs, Original Characters and Settings

Well the orders from Admiral Jespah are coming in thick and fast: –


Well trekfan, mdgarcia and SLWalker have at my time of drafting have posted their response and all three are worth reading.



  1. What’s the best setting for an original character? Is it as a lone figure, thrust into a canon ship or situation? In a group of original characters but still in a canon ship, situation or series? Or as a stand-alone crew, group, political party or other agglomeration of individuals?

A1. Well I almost be tempt to say that question is much the same as mdgarcia reply. To me I was taught that characters exist to an extent need to suit the plot and to suit the writers’ wants/desires for the story.


  1. When do original characters and scenarios tip the scale from new spins on familiar works to out and out non-Trek? Is there a bright line between Star Trek and not-Star Trek?

A2. Um, I’m not sure I’ve good answer for this one. You could say if it not a CBS broadcast then it not to Star Trek even if it is produced by pocket books. Though I think that is bogus answer. Instead I’ll go with a re-work of an old ruling Trek has heart and I can’t define it but I know it when I encounter it.


  1. How can original character love interests be integrated into a more canon scenario? What about original character leaders?

A3. I would refer you to trekfan excellent story I don’t want it to end found at: –


  1. For canon characters who have very little back story or screen (or authorized book) time, what’s the tipping point between when canon converts into what is, for all intents and purposes, an original character?

A4.  Hmm I think when people switch from thinking of it’s a minor character with new back-story to thinking of it as X author character that just happen to have appeared once.


  1. For representations of canon characters in fan fiction that are not well portrayed (e.g. the author misses the mark and does not accurately represent the canon character’s language, ideals, vision, etc.), can the situation be salvaged by rewriting the story with an original character?

A5. Depends on the situation and the character role and the ability of the writers, some aren’t salvageable and I’ve done my fair share of them in the dark past. Hence why I don’t do many cannon characters. However others can be, so it a case by case question


  1. For original settings, what makes them unique? Can an original setting be so extraordinary that it, in a way, almost becomes a nonliving type of Mary Sue?

A6. What make the original settings unique and in the AU sense this means what key fact or history diverge point is change is the question. Yes extraordinary verse might go a bit into a nonliving Mary Sue area but I’ve not seen any that I would make that statement about.

Bonus questions!

  1. Who are some of your favorite original characters that you have created? Do you feel they fulfill their purposes?

A7. That like asking do someone have a favorite child, so I’m not going to answer it directly. They all had they moments and I enjoy them all. As for fulfilling their purpose, as they only purpose is to help me unwind and distress and hopefully enjoy their advantages then yes they all do.


  1. What happens when you take a Mary Sue test Mary Sue test?

A8. Slight risky range, but I blame that on then been fit another for duty in Starfleet.


  1. What are some of your favorite original settings that you have created? Did they work?

A9. Well I’ve enjoyed Lily AOS between Kelvin and Enterprise settings, because it does have failings and mistakes get made. But I’ve not done a True AU story yet. I’m also enjoying Ariane NX-04 because thanks to SLWalker gift story in last month challenge, he grown and add significantly to that setting.


  1. Who else’s original characters do you enjoy reading the most, and why?

A10. Miranda Fave – USS Kestrel series, because it makes me laugh and yet keeps the Trek Feel. Trekfan – Hank and Bethany/USS Pearl Series, he tortures his characters emotionally and give then real challenges and you always wonder how they get out of this one. Note to self I must read more of it.


Those are the two stands out for me, but they are others like Terry Lynn Heritage book series, which paints the Riker’s children futures. Plus the environment of a potential future federation that has been sucked into another war is well detailed and written. Then there is Jespah HG Wells/TIC series, which show the dangers of time travel and how that 30th century future might work. I’ll be honest I do enjoy all the OS that I’ve manage to read of the regular forums users, so please forgive me if I can’t name check them all but know that I would if had time/money/resource love to see any of them as fan produced shows in the style of TAS.


  1. Are there others’ original settings that you like reading the most?

A11. See my Answer to Q10 above.


  1. What makes those original settings your favorites?

A12. The soul of Trek is in them and yet has something extra infused to make it more than the sum of it parts.


Well that my two pennies worth, hope you found something of value in it.

Anyway Thanks for reading till next time stay safe.

False Bill

3-4-All #8 Other Fandoms fictions

Well the latest Starfleet communiqué from Admiral SLWalker requires an investigation of a strange temporal anomaly from outside federation space.

The orders can be viewed here: –


Q1. Do you have any other fandoms you participate in aside Star Trek?

A1. I don’t participate in many other fandoms, I mean I do write the occasional Dr. Who/Torchwood, Super-heroes and once even attempting a bit of Discworld, however unlike Star Trek and Ad Astra I can’t find an forum/archive fandoms where I feel like I want to put my attempts up.



Q2. Are there any you’re interested in?

A2. Yes, those I write I like to write plus Stargate and Xena, okay it a guilt secret, but again I struggle to find any good single source sites, I will skip over which with good intentions try to be to broad and thus you can never find what you want or any consistent themes.


Q3. Any original work you do?

A3. Yes the occasional Fantasy Viking Saga and the rare Steampunk story. Again these remain hidden away in the depth of my remote hard drive.


Q4. And do you ever find something you do there inspires something you do here?

A4. Always. As the practice of writing to Kes7 weekly free writes and the type of characters allows me to think of some-things that helps one of my other stories worlds.

Well as always thanks to trekcore for the Star Trek Pictures and other free screen cap archives for the others.

Thanks for reading, hope it shed a little light on the mystery that is alternative fandoms.

till next time Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Boldly Reading 2 – USS Agamemnon

Well the latest Starfleet communiqué from Admiral Jespah is in, viewable at: –

This time the orders requires a review of the USS Agamemnon from M.D. Garcia fleet, which the ship and crew can be view here: –

Anyway my review is as follows: –

Q1. As the crew begins to respond to the adjustments being made, first by James and then by t’Aimne, how well do you feel it was handled?

A1a. For James adjustments, the Agamemnon crew, with the exception of Grayum seem to resent James as an outsider coming in and making them do their chores, which seems believable with Halley been the poster girl of resentment.

A1b. t’Aimne is greeted with distrusted, due to the Federation & Romulan history, she does seem to want to fit into the Agamemnon rather than still to trying to follow her Romulan protocol. While there is open distrust to start with, t’Aimne plays them well and starts to win the crew over.


Q2. Were their reactions believable?

A2. On the whole I say the various members reactions were believable.


Q3. Did the unit gel more quickly or more slowly than you would have thought, or was the timing just right?

A3. I actually thought the crew adjusted and started to gel a bit more quickly than I would of thought, but perhaps that’s their training as Starfleet officers kicking in.


Q4. The missing paperwork is, possibly, the first driver of the story. Between Captain Grayum and Missy, how did things get done before Rick’s arrival?

Q4. Badly. I suspect Missy did as much as she could and also did a lot of P.A. work for Grayum, like she did with Grayum privates quarters, however somehow I feel she did more than her official duties required as Hank seem to have lose his motivation in old age and lets things drift. While I feel Halley did First Officer paperwork only after her own engineering paperwork.


Q5. For what fell through the cracks, could the crew have handled that better?

A5. I strongly suspect like all short staff work places, people did the urgent stuff and then everything else went on the forever-growing pile of PADDs for someone else to do at a future date.


Q6. Or was it all a part of what happens when any group is short-staffed?

A6. Maybe, without knowing more it hard to say, but I think perhaps Grayum could of made it clear the current situation wasn’t working and getting a first officer was a necessary not a luxury.


Q7. By the crew being short-staffed and missing paperwork deadlines, was that, possibly, an impetus behind Rick’s transfer being approved?

A7. Yes. From the hints dropped into the text and odd comment, I think the Admiralty had spotted the problem and so used the lure of command to get Richard to request the transfer, so they could parachute him onto the Agamemnon.


Q8. If the paperwork had been delivered on time, regardless of staffing issues, would a new first officer ever have been assigned to the Agamemnon?

Q8. Given Starfleet staffing issues post Dominion war, I suspect a new first officer wouldn’t have been arranged if the paperwork and other duties were been done.


Q9. A lot of the characters have suffered career disappointments, and are working to get ahead. What are their motivations for their behaviors?

A9. It a little hard to judge the characters true motives bar Grayum who just wants to retire a captain for better retirement benefits. Richard wants command; the others just seem typical Starfleet humans who seem to want a higher rank for their own reasons.


Q10. Do the actions they are taking lead to their goals directly or are they more roundabout?

A10. The way I saw the main characters was: –             

Hank                         – yes (Beech on Risa).

Richard             – yes (Chasing command).

Halley                – yes (It why she did the acting No.1 job).

Missy                 – No (It hard to tell if s he wants to be a trophy wife or if they more at play in her relationship with Hank).

t’Ainme              – Not always (She direct with impression the others, but her other motives are more hidden) Her logs show her double edge.


Q11. How did you see the conflicting command styles on display?

A11. Lead by family/friendship under Hank. While Richard was more of command by the rulebook.


Q12. Which one do you prefer, personally, if you were serving aboard the Agamemnon?

Q12. I take the path of less resistance and go with Hank style normally, but under a starship I have the feeling that I would better about serving under Richard style.

AOS Bridge

Q13. Which do you think gets the most done?

Q13. Swings and roundabouts – but I suspect it would be Richard that is why Starfleet has the book in the first place, to ensure efficiency.


Q14. How is success measured within the context of the story?

A14. The mission was accomplished with minimum/no casualties to the crew, the new crewmembers are starting to gel and Starfleet discipline is returning to the vessel. So a successful mission.


Q15. Who changed the most? Did any characters surprise you?

A15. I think Rich start as a stick in the mud but he did learn how to adjust to a crew with poor discipline and then getting them to follow him. Halley surprises me she did seem to lose her resentment over Richard appointment a bit quickly for my tastes.


Q16.Did any of them behave in a manner that seemed inconsistent?

A16. Nope


Q17.How did the character interactions work?

Q17. The various personalities seem to interact well and in a believable manner.


Q18. Who had to adapt the most?

A18. I had to say it was a tie between Richard and Halley who seem to in the mission after-party to compromise with a middle path between them.


Q19. What did you think of the Romulan character, khre’Arrain t’Aimne?

A19. I liked khre’Arrain t’Aimne, it was nice to see a sympatric Romulan character that is more than a cardboard cut out.


Q20. Was her behavior consistent & did it make sense to you?

A20. Yes, she on a mission to an old enemy vessel and now a new ally and so she is trying to fit in while learn more about them in hope of a better future but also aid her own people in case of a future war.


Q21. Was she a believable character?

A21. I think so.

Q22. How did attitudes change toward her?

Q22. Most of the crew distrusted her to start with, but as they work with her and see her as a person and not the cardboard cut out of an enemy they start to see the person/officer and give her appropriate levels of respect.


Q23. Were those changed attitudes justified by her behavior?

A23. Yes, as she just did her duties as best as she could in anticipate of a Federation vessel operating system. Indeed in the combat she show great judgment to confirm that her combat tactics and objectives were to Grayum wishes.


Q24. Did anyone not change their mind(s) about her, who maybe should have?

Q24. Not that I picked up, I would say Halley perhaps change her mind again a bit to easily after actually working with t’Aimne. I know you could argue the case for Richard been a bit slow to change his fleet mindset, but something suggests to me he got more experience with Romulans than he admits, and so might have reasons beyond been the first officer of a Federation starship.


Q25. What was the climax of the story? Did it devolve to a satisfactory conclusion?

A25. Jumping over the actually raid, did seem a bit of a disappointment at first read, but I think in hindsight it was good to focus on the Grayum retirement party and Richard/Halley talk on finding a way to work together.


Q26. What happens right after the curtain comes down on the story?

Q26. Some nasty hangovers I suspect. Then the events of the still developing follow up story The Sacrifice of Agamemnon, which is viewable here: –


Q27. Where would you take these characters – and this ship – next?

A27. Out on patrol and throw some curveballs at Richard, where following the rules might not necessary be the moral right action, or something to divide and test t’Aimne loyalties to the Agamemnon crew.

Anyway that is my thoughts, sorry for the random pictures but all that text did need a picture break.
As always thanks for reading till next time.