The Trek Letter List – No. 7 Write A Letter To your Ex Love


Well after a longer break than I planned it time for FalseBill Blog “the second phase”.

So to get the ball rolling this is my seventh response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters. A letter from one of my character to their ex-love. Which I’ve got to say seems an easy letter to do than some of the other but I’ve struggle for inspiration, then this morning I realize I being think about this wrong. So after the recent Undine attack on USS Ganges; as seen in Dance by the Pale moonlight again (

Here is Emmylou writing to her first love, her first command the Excelsior Class USS Trireme.

So without further ado, here is Admiral Emmylou Galyaski

Hello USS Trireme,

I’m know you didn’t get many letters indeed this might well be your first and last, but as I sit here in the Anastasiastad Colony emergency compound medical bay looking out the window over this old Starfleet facility from the mid 23rd Century, for some reason I’m thinking of the past and you, hence this letter.

I know that you can’t read, comprehend or respond to it especially as you went to the breakers yard over a decade ago. However I need to say thank you and saying it aloud seem slightly more nuts than writing this letter.


So thank you. You big lug, I mean your Enterprise-B variant wide front sensor wings on your secondary hull did make you a bit less graceful than your original sister Excelsior class and you were forever dipping your nose when ever we reversed, which did scare a few helms officers over the years. Though now I do wonder if it wasn’t just a private joke of yours.


I mean I know you were Captain Hooke ship first and you earned your tough as nail reputation amongst the enemies of the Federation long before I came onboard as a fresh face captain.

Yet despite spending the first few years together seemingly always being the Admirals personal Taxi service, we still had fun kick a few pirates’ backsides. I kind of always felt that no matter what I did, no matter how reckless I threw us into the fray you would endure and we would come out the other side with the mission accomplished.


We had a bond that is hard to describe to anyone who has never command a vessel of some type. I think it was a form of love; different from my love of my late husband Scott or my children but after my family I would have done anything to keep you going and get us back to space dock safely for a coat of fresh paint and repairs.


On top of that you were home, an environment where I always felt my children were safe onboard you and you did provide a wonderful environment for a young mother and her children.

I don’t know if they let starship into haven but I hope so as I wish to see you again beyond just that old oil painting of you that is still hanging in my quarters. 

I know I took you for grant and never said thank you for all you did so here it is belatedly thank you for everything. 



As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time, Trek safe this day.


False Bill