The Start

Well Hello Blog-a-sphere,

FalseBill has arrived, So many thanks to MDG for set up the blog so fast.

So the final piece of the jigsaw for Ad Astra – I can blog like a redshirt. Sorry no pretty picture, this time I will work on that one.

Well I think I’ve got disquis install now to answer those questions from the Ad Astra Forums. So to hit the road running here are the first three of Miranda Fave. Blog questions answered.


1 – What do I like to read?

I think I’ve read a lot of various things over the years including a lot of Star-Trek and other Sci-fi and Fantasy books.

The only Star trek books that I’ve failed to get to get into was the Enterprise books just after the series ended, the whole Trip didn’t really die arc thing just didn’t work for me. It was a poor call for the series end but once it was made they to accept it and move on and not try to re-con it out of existence.

Outside of Trek being British both Hitchhiker guide to the universe, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf are TV shows who books, I’ve read over the years. However I don’t rely on TV for ideas, I’ve gone through most of the late Ian M. Banks Culture Novels, as well as Ian Fleming’s James Bond books. Terry Pratchett Discworld series (now there be a crossover for Trek “Fascinating Captain Sensors report there appears to be a planet on the Back of a Giant turtle approaching us off the starboard bow,”

Plus things like HP Lovecraft works and the usually suspect of comics from Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Judge Dredd even the G.U.R.P.’s sourcebooks, great ideas shame about the system.

2 – Reviews

2.1Q what do you like to see in a review of your work?

2.1A A review, even if it’s only five words long, the fact someone took the time after reading to comment, is always nice. Of course constructive criticism is a bonus.

2.2Q what do you comment upon yourself in a review?

2.2A I try to keep it simple, and focus on the two main things I look for in a story, was it easy to read and did I enjoy reading it? I occasional offer minor suggestion or queries on anything that broken me out of the story.


2.3Q has a received view changed your opinion on a story you wrote or were writing?

2.3A – Yes, constructive criticism can and has spark new ideas or a new character viewpoint. So good constructive criticism is always welcome.


2.4Q and finally, has a review sold or warned you off another author’s story?

2.4A Occasionally but I think it might of a couple of time that it might of being a mistake, In the end stories I do feel stories are a personnel thing and so reviews can only every be someone personnel view.


3 – pursuit of IDIC in our fanfics.

3.1Q So, of those who are doing it, what other shows/media (or even star trek eras) are people pulling into their fanfics as crossovers?

3.1A At the moment not applicable, but that might change or it might not, I’m still trying to full establish my Trek series before I think of any crossovers.


3.2Q What crossovers do some people wish we could see, or want to try and write themselves.

3.2A more TNG/DS9/VOY main characters to show it is the same universe, or Q with anything 😉 but when it comes to crossovers I do feel less is more, and I know cannon character aren’t my strongest suit. So I’m happy for others to write them but I think I’ll steer clear of any direct crossovers. I use to say Star Trek/ Doctor Who / Blake’s 7 crossovers but recent IDW comics have cooled me on that idea. Thou that Discworld idea has suddenly take hold, I’m getting a wick urge to write something.


3.3Q How do you feel about crossovers in star trek in general?

3.3A if it internal Trek series crossovers and the reason behind it solid enough, when it just an attempt to put all your favorite characters in one place, it seems to distract from the works in most cases for me.

Well that enough from me for now. I do hope there was something that made your visit to this blog worth your while.

Till next time