3-4-All – 009 AU Settings Part B

Well it would seems that Admiral MDg has some more questions/clarifications for me, 

Well I try to answer then for you here, sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

Q1. What do you define as the “soul of Trek?”

A1. Something very I find a little hard to define, hence why I didn’t last time but I suppose I should have. So I try now, to me “soul of Trek” is that exploration spirit mix with friendship that under pins the better part of human natures that is represenate by the Kirk/Spock/McCoy relationship, Picard vs. Q moral questions, Data search to understand the human condition. Sisko moral dileminas especially when he drags the Romulans into the Dominion war or Janeway & Voyager search for the right human way cut off from the federation or Seven mission to become a human individual again.

Uhura & Spock trying to do Soul Music?

Uhura & Spock trying to do Soul Music?


Q2. Also, what do you define as an “extraordinary verse”?

Q2. Looking at the past answer that is a fair question, I would define an “extraordinary verse” as one where everyone and everything always seem a perfect fit for the scenario, that no hero plan ever seems to fails in the slightest. One where every one million to one shots come off more often that 50:50 chances. Everything seems to be shiny or new and nothing is second hand, bent or broken. Including the Heroes and villains support cast. Thankfully we don’t see to many of them but when I’ve encounter them that type of verse does seem to be Mary Sue rich environment.


An extraordinary verse?

An extraordinary verse?

By the way, Terry lynn is rewriting her Heritage series, if you haven’t checked it out yet. 🙂

Yes I’ve checked it out, good isn’t it, Anyway who hasn’t go read it here: –


Admiral Riker

Admiral Riker

 Q3 Can you expand on below? I’m not sure what you mean by this statement.

“Hmm I think when people switch from thinking of it’s a minor character 
with new back-story to thinking of it as X author character that just 
happen to have appeared once.”


Okay lets see if I can add further clarification for you here.

A3. I go with a slightly bigger ‘B’ Character than the original question refer to, that is Daniels from the Enterprise series. Now he made the occasional supporting character role in more than one episode and so we left with a vague impression of him. However the very talent Jespah has written quite more back-story for him and his T.I.C. co-workers. Plus she has assign him other habits both good and bad.

He an agent of Jespah not the T.I.C.

He an agent of Jespah not the T.I.C.

So having now read and enjoy some of Jespah excellent work, I do now tend to think of him as Temporal Agent Richard Daniels’s and so I don’t look at Jespah work for inconsistent with the TV show but rather when I view Enterprise old episodes I compare him to the mental model that Jespah has painted in her fine works and not the other way around.

I hope that make sense.

I hope that helps clarify those questions.

I also note that Admiral Jespah is also in the house. You welcome Ma’am along with Trekfan for a shout out and you got another one this time as well.



S1. The most fun about 3110 or so is that it’s pretty much a blank slate. I approach it by thinking of the reverse. It’s more or less a millennium from now, and the Norman Conquests are more or less a millennium ago. So – how have things changed?

It’s a fun kind of thought experiment.

R1. Well I think you’ve done a excellent job of exploring that potential future, the only thing about 3110 that was said on screen and seem to hint at something dark, was the missing monument to the United Federation of Planets, since to my mind you don’t build major monuments to still existing organizations but I know others disagree on that.

The Future

The Future

S2. I do so love Naurr (as you know), and what is so charming there is that he is indeed a stranger in a strange land.

R2. Always a good character in fantasy or sci-fi setting is a stranger, so he can look at the normal things and ask the questions the reader might want to ask but no-one else would in character have a reason to ask.

T'Pol in a strange land.

T’Pol in a strange land.


S3. And of course the NX-04 would not be run exactly like the other ships in the fleet. I also love that things break.

R3. I’m happy I have manage in the few stories so far to show how the NX-04 is both like and dislike her Enterprise and Columbia sisters.

NX-04 Ariane

NX-04 Ariane

S4. That’s a bit of what I was trying to get at with asking about a Mary Sue-type of setting. I see the Enterprise-E as being a bit like that. It just seems a bit too much luxury yachts in space.

R4. Yes the Enterprise-E did feel a little like that, but then I suppose it the flagship of an experience and vast organization which can afford to cherry pick the best, even so I did think looking at the Mary See questions neither Picard or Riker would of scored that favourable under that system.

Not this future Enterprise :(

Not this future Enterprise 🙁

S5. I’m with Q. Space is dangerous. It’s got amazing wonders but we shouldn’t forget that it (and its trappings, e. g. ship design) also killed people like Gus Grissom and Christa McAuliffe. Imperfection = drama.

R5. I’m 110% with you and Q on that. I think that was sadly Roddenberry’s creation early fault, was he was prepared to allow his future humans to be imperfect, and so it did at times hamstring the writers.

It the characters failing as people much as the success that make the drama and the heart, dare I say it the very soul of modern Trek.

I can confirm Naurr is indeed waving his tail for you and O’Day. 😉