3-4-All #9 – AUs, Original Characters and Settings

Well the orders from Admiral Jespah are coming in thick and fast: –




Well trekfan, mdgarcia and SLWalker have at my time of drafting have posted their response and all three are worth reading.



  1. What’s the best setting for an original character? Is it as a lone figure, thrust into a canon ship or situation? In a group of original characters but still in a canon ship, situation or series? Or as a stand-alone crew, group, political party or other agglomeration of individuals?

A1. Well I almost be tempt to say that question is much the same as mdgarcia reply. To me I was taught that characters exist to an extent need to suit the plot and to suit the writers’ wants/desires for the story.


  1. When do original characters and scenarios tip the scale from new spins on familiar works to out and out non-Trek? Is there a bright line between Star Trek and not-Star Trek?

A2. Um, I’m not sure I’ve good answer for this one. You could say if it not a CBS broadcast then it not to Star Trek even if it is produced by pocket books. Though I think that is bogus answer. Instead I’ll go with a re-work of an old ruling Trek has heart and I can’t define it but I know it when I encounter it.


  1. How can original character love interests be integrated into a more canon scenario? What about original character leaders?

A3. I would refer you to trekfan excellent story I don’t want it to end found at: –



  1. For canon characters who have very little back story or screen (or authorized book) time, what’s the tipping point between when canon converts into what is, for all intents and purposes, an original character?

A4.  Hmm I think when people switch from thinking of it’s a minor character with new back-story to thinking of it as X author character that just happen to have appeared once.


  1. For representations of canon characters in fan fiction that are not well portrayed (e.g. the author misses the mark and does not accurately represent the canon character’s language, ideals, vision, etc.), can the situation be salvaged by rewriting the story with an original character?

A5. Depends on the situation and the character role and the ability of the writers, some aren’t salvageable and I’ve done my fair share of them in the dark past. Hence why I don’t do many cannon characters. However others can be, so it a case by case question


  1. For original settings, what makes them unique? Can an original setting be so extraordinary that it, in a way, almost becomes a nonliving type of Mary Sue?

A6. What make the original settings unique and in the AU sense this means what key fact or history diverge point is change is the question. Yes extraordinary verse might go a bit into a nonliving Mary Sue area but I’ve not seen any that I would make that statement about.

Bonus questions!

  1. Who are some of your favorite original characters that you have created? Do you feel they fulfill their purposes?

A7. That like asking do someone have a favorite child, so I’m not going to answer it directly. They all had they moments and I enjoy them all. As for fulfilling their purpose, as they only purpose is to help me unwind and distress and hopefully enjoy their advantages then yes they all do.


  1. What happens when you take a Mary Sue test Mary Sue test?

A8. Slight risky range, but I blame that on then been fit another for duty in Starfleet.


  1. What are some of your favorite original settings that you have created? Did they work?

A9. Well I’ve enjoyed Lily AOS between Kelvin and Enterprise settings, because it does have failings and mistakes get made. But I’ve not done a True AU story yet. I’m also enjoying Ariane NX-04 because thanks to SLWalker gift story in last month challenge, he grown and add significantly to that setting.


  1. Who else’s original characters do you enjoy reading the most, and why?

A10. Miranda Fave – USS Kestrel series, because it makes me laugh and yet keeps the Trek Feel. Trekfan – Hank and Bethany/USS Pearl Series, he tortures his characters emotionally and give then real challenges and you always wonder how they get out of this one. Note to self I must read more of it.


Those are the two stands out for me, but they are others like Terry Lynn Heritage book series, which paints the Riker’s children futures. Plus the environment of a potential future federation that has been sucked into another war is well detailed and written. Then there is Jespah HG Wells/TIC series, which show the dangers of time travel and how that 30th century future might work. I’ll be honest I do enjoy all the OS that I’ve manage to read of the regular forums users, so please forgive me if I can’t name check them all but know that I would if had time/money/resource love to see any of them as fan produced shows in the style of TAS.


  1. Are there others’ original settings that you like reading the most?

A11. See my Answer to Q10 above.


  1. What makes those original settings your favorites?

A12. The soul of Trek is in them and yet has something extra infused to make it more than the sum of it parts.


Well that my two pennies worth, hope you found something of value in it.

Anyway Thanks for reading till next time stay safe.

False Bill

8 thoughts on “3-4-All #9 – AUs, Original Characters and Settings

  1. janetgershensiegel

    Aw, thanks for the shout-out!

    The most fun about 3110 or so is that it’s pretty much a blank slate. I approach it by thinking of the reverse. It’s more or less a millennium from now, and the Norman Conquests are more or less a millennium ago. So – how have things changed? There is a lot of obvious stuff, like European settlement in the New World, far lower infant mortality and far longer average life spans. There are more subtle changes like the differences in language between the newspaper you read this morning (either online or in dead tree format) versus The Canterbury Tales.

    And there are any number of things that really haven’t changed too much, such as the fact that, still, most people marry. Wars are still fought (albeit with a lot more sophisticated hardware). Worship is pretty similar. A lot of holidays are recognizable. There are still slavery and oppression in the world.

    Then I try to extrapolate from that, and I also try to extrapolate from Trek as we know it. In ENT there’s one transporter pad. In TOS I think there are five. In TNG I believe it’s more like seven or nine or so, and that doesn’t change when you get to VOY and DS9, at least it doesn’t seem to change appreciably.

    Hence I decided that the number of transporter pads would continue to climb, but that wouldn’t be because you’d find, say, fifty of them in one room. Rather, you would start to see them where we currently see bus stops or elevators or the like. They would be in fancy hotels and shopping malls and apartment buildings and luxury homes. Shuttles would still exist, as there would be some people who couldn’t use a transporter for some reason or another, or cargo might be so complex that the pattern buffer would be in danger of screwing it up somehow, I suppose.

    It’s a fun kind of thought experiment.

    PS I do so love Naurr (as you know), and what is so charming there is that he is indeed a stranger in a strange land. And of course the NX-04 would not be run exactly like the other ships in the fleet. I also love that things break. That’s a bit of what I was trying to get at with asking about a Mary Sue-type of setting. I see the Enterprise-E as being a bit like that. It just seems a bit too much luxury yachts in space. I’m with Q. Space is dangerous. It’s got amazing wonders but we shouldn’t forget that it (and its trappings, e. g. ship design) also killed people like Gus Grissom and Christa McAuliffe. Imperfection = drama.

    Long may Naurr’s tail wave!!!

  2. MDg

    I have a couple of questions for you on some of your answers, but what do you define as the “soul of Trek?” Also, what do you define as an “extraordinary verse?”

    By the way, Terrylynn is rewriting her Heritage series, if you haven’t checked it out yet. 🙂

    “Hmm I think when people switch from thinking of it’s a minor character
    with new back-story to thinking of it as X author character that just
    happen to have appeared once.”

    Can you expand on above? I’m not sure what you mean by this statement.


    1. Bill Oldfield

      MDg, those are fair questions, I shall try to post you an interim blog before the next prompt to try and clarify those points for you. please watch this space.

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