3-4-All:- Blog Prompt #16 – What Have You Learned from Writing Fan Fiction?

Captain Log stardate: 67594.6

So after our enforced short rest from dry eyes during January at long last USS False Bill is once more underway and investigating some more simple questions. (So apologizes to both Funngunner and M C Pehrson, I’m still planning to go back do blog reviews of both of your story in due course).

Anyway Helm it time to seek out those answers for Admiral Jespah.



Q1. What has writing fan fiction taught you?

A1. That my spelling and written English syntax sucks!

Thought I suspect that before I wrote Fan fiction. What I can say is that trying to find cannon character voice and my own characters unique voice for the story can be tricky. Indeed casting Character has help to a degree but some characters have so far remained uncast since I can’t think of a good actor to cast.


I have also learnt that writing a complete story piece is hard but fun work, but the key reviewing and getting a final polish is even harder work and lot less fun. Also a little is quite as satisfactory as the feeling of seeing your story posted and getting constructive feedback on.


Q2. And what do you think it can teach others?

A2. To appreciate how much hard work goes into stories, to be thick-skinned and more tolerant of others point of view and their interruptions on cannon characters and events.


Bonus Question!

Q3. What do you think, specifically, posting and reading fan fiction on Ad Astra has taught you?

A3. Well Ad Astra first taught me don’t let Miranda Faye see me drop any crumbs, and if I do ensure it’s in lil Black Dog Roomba robots patrol area but don’t drop Pie #81 as that will eat through the hull.


However on a serious note. It taught me that there is a very likeable global community of much more talented Star Trek Authors than either those that wrote the last Into Darkness Movie or me. These wonderful people who take the time, patients and skill to nurture rookie authors and help retain Star Trek unique place as the unify of science-fiction.

More than anything it has restored my faith in the kindness of trekkie strangers.


Anyway I think the sensors are failing, so I’ll leave it there for now.

As always queries or feedback are welcome.

Till next time, I’ll wish you all safe trekking.


False Bill