The Trek Letter List – No. 8 Write A Letter To your Favorite Internet Friend

Well it time to Blog like a Boss only the daily prompt seems to be missing in action.

So rather than lose out I shall do the next Trek Letter prompt.

Which is writing a letter from one of your character to their favourite Internet friend.


Now technically there isn’t any sign that the federation has a pan-Federation Internet, so I guess the close I’m going to get is a sort of Pen pal by electronic sub-space e-mail. Now this does seem to call for a Chef Naurr Letter.

So without further ado, here is the Cajun Caitian writing to his Best Friend Philippe Rivette.


To Chief Philippe Rivette

Zefram Cochrane

From Naurr



Dear Philiippe,

I’ve just received your last letter and the enclose pictures.

The Cajun part of Earth does indeed appear to be all that you described and much more.

I’m looking forward to visiting it and trying the authentic cooking to see how well I’ve done over the years.


I note from your new address that you serving on Archer new Warp 7 ship, I hear they bigger and better equipped, with more crew. I do hope you make lots of new friends but not so many you forget your old ones.


I believe Captain Gorrim feels a little pass over at the moment as Ariane remains the last NX Cruiser in active service and we are reduced to Coalition border patrol.



He was making some remark about being reduced from scientist and warrior to Starfleet border dog, which I don’t understand as Captain Archer always treats his dog well, do you have any idea what the Captain Gorrim is going on about?

Well I don’t have a lot of news with the Romulan war finally over and us just patrolling Coalition borders. We’re still short staff as Starfleet has assigned the best people to the new Warp Seven ships. I mean Cassandra left to join Captain Erika on the Excalibur last week, which mean of the senior crew you knew only the Captain remains, he had to draft in MACO officers to fill some posts as we not getting new people from command.

I’ve also handed in my notice to the Captain, so my service to Starfleet will end when we get to Earth next month. Captain Gorrim appeared to accept it in good grace but I could see in his eyes made him very sad. I told him I’m going to tour for a while, make my way off to Lafa II, When Lili Beckett offer me a job in her Restaurant, I hope to build up enough money to go home to Cait and start my own Restaurant back home.


Writing of which reminds me I got visited Lili on Lafa II again last fortnight and see her growing clan, I also ran into Commander Reed. I did then Prako Gambaro that they liked.


O but we did get the sign plates in all four languages of the coalition to replace all our old Telarite ones at long last. So means we’ve finally work out what some of the more obscure signs mean. Also with our Coalition exchange program I’m now getting plenty of practice to cook Vulcan, Telarite and Andorian food I shall be able to cook something for everybody.

Other than that is all quiet here on the Ariane, I shall see you next Month.

Your Friend, 




Historical reference, this letter is confirmed as being part of the last transmission Starfleet received from the Ariane NX-04. Which disappearance remains unexplained even in the 25th Century.


As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time, Trek safe this day.


False Bill

TToT2014 W5 Day Seven: Guessing

Well it’s day seven and given the day is nearly dead in the UK of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty has yet to emerge, So I’m just going to have to go with Guessing.


Yes I thinking the Admiralty is trying out our self-initiative skills test.

So here a ficlet


“Ku Cliq, Buzz-click,” said Schick from her Science station.

“You can’t say that Schick,” said Inulie from the Navigation station.

“Well she did and I agree with our X/O,” said Kallachit from the Helm.

“Kallachit, watch your station or watch the fishes on the view-screen,” said Jolene from the communication stations.

“Buzz-click, kliq, click, scrape, kq, click,” said Schick.

“Don’t try sweet talking me,” said Jolene

“Naw she should cocoon you again,” laughed Kallachit


“That is enough, I know it boring waiting for the ship’s internal pressure to equalize as we go down to the required depth to enter the Aquatic city but we will act with decor.” Said Captain Ha’rris.

“Well can we play guess the content of the mysterious cargo? Instead,” asked Kallachit

“No Kallachit, we won’t,” said Ha’rris.

“Click click klic,” said Schick.

“Okay takes us down the next five hundred fathoms then Kallachit,” order Ha’rris.

“Executing now Captain,” said Kallachit.

The bridge crew all watch on the view screen as the ship sunk deeper still into the alien ocean.

“Klick? cq, kli click-click ku?” suddenly said Schick

“How big a fish are we talking about Schick?” asked Ha’rris

“Click-click scrape buzz-kliq,” replied Schick.

“That massive, Get it up on the view-screen Inulie, increase deflector screens strength,” order Ha’rris

Inulie fingers flew over the console and the transparent screen darken as the rear view was projected over it showinga massive creature bearing down on the ship.

“That is one big fish!” said Jolene

“Schick, check the database, see if we are in any real risk,” said Ha’rris

“Ckikc,” answer Schick.

“Red alert, shields and deflectors to full strength,” said Ha’rris

“Shields up, charging weapons” said Kallachit.

“Click, CL Kliq click ck, rustle!” said Schick

“I’m a starship Captain not a marine biologist so get one up here. Kallachit if try to do that to the ship you have my permission to use the phasers to tell it shove off” Said Ha’rris.


As always all your feedback comments are welcome.

Till next time Safe Trekking.

False Bill

TToT 2014 W5 Day 6: Sinking

Well it’s day six of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty is: – Sinking


Now why do I have a sinking feeling about this prompt from Admiral SL Walker?

Sorry that is a lame joke. This does seem a negative prompt so I’m going to sink my teeth into it and try to produce an upbeat ficlet.


Captain Ha’rris watched on the USS Excalibur view-screen as the ocean rush up to meet his descending ship. He tried to remain calm, as a Xindi – reptilian, the idea of taking his ship under a major planet ocean to retrieve a cargo container from a Xindi – Aquatic city just seemed wrong. The reason the Excalibur was about to enter this Ocean to retrieve the cargo was apparently the item wasn’t transporter safe. Plus it was supposedly to big for it to be shuttle up.

Ha’rris had a sinking feeling to match his ship as together they entered the ocean.

Suddenly his Xindi – Insectoid Science Officer spoke up.

“Click, Kliq, Ku Cliq, Click kquilk,” said Schick.

“Good. Okay helm take us slowly down to five hundred fathoms” ordered Ha’rris.

“Yes Captain,” said Inulie.

The Xindi-Sloth female quickly made the adjustments and the Excalibur sunk further into the dark ocean depths.

“Jolene, are we receiving the guidance beacon signal?” asked Ha’rris

“Yes Captain. The navigation signal is being refer to helm,” replied Jolene.

“Captain, I believe the safe path corridor is another seven hundred fathoms below us.” Said Lieutenant Kallachit.

“Kliq, click cq buzz,” said Schick from her science station.


“So we need to go deeper then. Okay neutralize forward motion, and take us down, but slowly, we don’t want to give any of the crew the bends now.” Said Ha’rris.

Ha’rris watched the ships navigation lights start to illuminate the underwater valleys

And the long shadows help to show the ship was indeed slowly sinking. Go deeper and heading towards the Xindi – Aquatic City and the mysterious Cargo shipment.


Pictures are from Trekcore, I do recommend that you go and visit there web-site if you every want anything trek.

As always all your feedback comments are welcome.

Till next time Safe Trekking.


False Bill.

TToT 2014 W5 Day 5: Soaring

Well it’s Day four of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty is: – Soaring


Hmm that is a hard prompt from Admiral SL Walker, I’ve spent the day try to find inspiration but for once it hasn’t come readily.

So it’s time to reach deep and pull out a surprising tale of soaring, so let jump into the deep end and see what DEITDJW Ficlet emerges.


The colony vegetation was a lush golden bronze and the world seemed alive not just in the new Colony town that she had left behind, this wooded valley she was discovering rang with the sounds of various animals and insects of this new world.

After so long onboard her starship, it felt good to be on a firm ground and to breath fresh air again. They was something uplifting to her soul as she felt her boots crunch on the soft ground as she walked along the hiking path.

She heard a cry from somewhere above her head and spotted a bird of prey circulating above her head. She watched it for a moment and she remembered the majestic bird of her childhood home now destroyed by the Horbus supernova.

Then she heard an all too familiar cry and was surprise as one of those majestic birds that she remembered from Romulan dropped out of the sun and snatches the other bird of prey and soar away to a nearby cliff top to enjoy it meal.

Torlia felt her own soul soar away with that Romulan Eagle and she felt a renew sense of pride in serving the Romulan Republic,

“We will endure and soar as high as that Eagle to maintain our freedoms from the old order,” though Torlia.


A surprise appearance by the Romulan Sub-commander Torlia.

Till next time Safe Trekking.

False Bill

TToT 2014 W5 Day 4: Bittersweet

Well it’s Day four of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty is: – Bittersweet

Hmm that is a good prompt from Admiral SL Walker, So many ideas going round in my head and none wants to go to the forefront. So let’s go back to basics and a quick look at the Everyday Dictionary definition that says: –

Bittersweet adjective

1. Sweet but with a bitter aftertaste.

2. Pleasant but with a mixture of something sad or unpleasant.

Well I’m sure all Trekkie are use to the bittersweet feeling from watching the last movie, as Star Trek into Darkness, watching the mishandle of the Khan storyline was quite sad and yet the international viewing figures and the number of new fans that the movie brought in to the old TOS is most pleasant.

Or the Fate of Star Trek Enterprise after it best season ending on a below grade show and then the follow up books all ruined by the simple fact that authors for some reason can’t seem to accept that Trip died.

For some reasons this prompt is starting to scream for a Naurr story, so after the cover picture from the captain table on the Ariane above it time to go over to Chef Naurr on the Ariane. Written DEITDJW as usual.



Ariane NX-04

Captain Douglas Gorrim was walked pass the ship’s mess hall and was greet by an wonderful aroma of cooked food, that was so strong his stomach rumbling divert him to go and investigate the source.

He walked into the mess hall and was surprise to find it was full and yet the crew was all eating a strange color soup in silence.

“Captain! Do you want word soup?” asked his Caitian chef from the door to the Kitchen.

Despite his hunger, Douglas curiosity came first, so he asked.

“Evening Naurr, what’s word soup?”

“My latest creation, after the recent discomfiture, is that the right word of my chocolate poisoning joint with the fake bomb terror. I try to create something sweet yet bitter that we could all enjoy and make it up to the crew. I have achieved a hit I think” Replied Naurr

“It does smell very good but you didn’t need to go to the extra effort, we all understand the problems of a silent ‘e’ even if the Romulans don’t.”

Said Douglas with a smile.

“That is caring of you to say Captain, I offer you some soup but all the first ration has gone already.” Said Naurr.

“That’s alright Naurr. I was only passing by I’ll eat at the normal time. But why did you call it word soup?”

“Lieutenant Cassandra said she was missing alphabet pasta in red sauce, from her childhood, I didn’t have any reds or pasta in the shape of your alphabet, so I decide to do a simple spicy carrot soup but add vegetables and fruit cut into the shapes of your common symbols, so it a soup full of earth words hence word soups.”

“Did Cassandra like your gesture?” asked Douglas

Naurr pull a face before answering.

“Cassandra said all of my soups are far to spicy for her, so she had a corn beef Caesar salad instead,”

“I think after the firewater soup of last week, I can understand her having hesitation about trying it but I’m sure she appreciated the gesture if the not the soup,” Said Douglas.

“If you think so, she said as much but she did quickly disappear with one of the new MACO Officers, so I’m not sure she like her salad either,” replied Naurr.

“Naurr I think your food had nothing to do with that, don’t worry, you’ll see her at breakfast,” said Douglas.

“O good I doing one of her other favorite Ravioli for breakfast,” said Naurr.

Seeing Naurr smile Douglas didn’t have the heart to suggest anything different for breakfast to his alien friend.


Till next time Safe Trekking.

False Bill

12 Trials of Triskelion – Daily Prompt Day 2: RED


So I’ve got the second Daily Twelve Trials of Triskelion prompt and I’ve got to create something base upon: –



Now when I think Red, I don’t think Red-shirts but Captain Lily Lallason nee Fitzroy or one of her daughter and a cute story did start to form in my head but it would take longer than a day to write and so I had to park that idea.


So I did a doodle with red pen, seeking inspiration and somehow a copy of red pen trek art start to came together, so I’ll decide to post them below with a little story paragraph ala the style of Star Trek Ship of the Line art books/calendars.


USS Argonaut


Investigating a red star deep in a nebula Captain Lily Fitzroy discovered a small planet and the Federation first direct discovery of the ruins of the ancient Promellian interstellar civilisation.

New Ships


In 2260 the Federation trialed three new ships class that would later form the backbone of the border dogs for the next half century. While the USS Tabard and USS Kniper were good servants of the Federation, the USS Miranda and all her later sisters remain in active service till the end of the Dominion War.

USS Hurricane


Under Captain Xenktid command the Nova Class USS Hurricane, went from science ship to photon torpedo boat leading to the USS Hurricane becoming one of the Galor Class Killer during the Dominion War.

USS Ganges


The Federation Star Base USS Ganges was originally Deep Space One and was different from other early Starfleet bases by being built on top of an abandon alien Starbase on a mini moon. As the Federation expanded, it was re-name USS Ganges and even in the 24th Century remain a vital way-point in the Federation.

An Alien


The Starfleet Xeno – biologists have stilled to confirm if this is indeed a rare picture of Chilo alien or just one of their servant race.


Well I hope you enjoyed some FalseBill Art and mini stories. 

The Twelve Trials of Triskelion Pictures is from Trekcore while the rest of pictures are as actually mine!

Till next time Safe Trekking.


False Bill

12 Trials of Triskelion- Week 5: Daily Prompt-In the beginning

So we entered week five of the Twelve Trials of Triskelion 2014 Challenges which is the Daily Prompt challenge week and the first prompt is: –

In the beginning


Well then in the beginning phase takes me back to The Original Series and that starts with The Cage and the Pike Era.   This is one of the strange mysteries and great what if moments of Trek lore the Missing era of Christopher Pike, as seen just in “The Cage” and revisited in “The Menagerie”.

I always kind of hope that we would get more books set in this Era, but sadly we seem to only get the rare gem and they usually seem to be Spock-centric. Thought i can point to some good work on Ad Astra especially by SLWalker. In truth for me we don’t get to see a lot of the Pike/No.1/Yeoman Colt Trinity, which I think had so much potential.


So to end this blog here is a short Don’t Edit IT To Death Just Write (DEITDJW) piece from the Pike Era (hence the grammar and spelling errors).


Stardate 2254. 48

Pike pick up his queens bishop and then move it up to attack level two. His opponent his X/O the cool and efficient women know by everybody as Number One just raised her eyebrows in minor surprise at the move.   She studied the 3D Chessboard again and moved her index finger up to her lips.

“Number One, don’t pretend that you didn’t see that move coming,” said Pike as he sipped his coffee.   She pick up her Rook and move it from level one to level three.

“Check, no I was expecting a better move from you,” replied Number One as she picked up her tea for a sip.


“Et tu Number One?”  asked Pike

Number One smiled and asked. “Now Christopher, what is that suppose to mean?”

“I believe the captain is paraphrasing the famous ‘Et tu Brute’ Earth play called Julius Caesar” said Spock from his observing position over Number One shoulder.

“I’m sure Number One know that Lieutenant Spock, I expect she was trying to obtain the context,” sad Yeoman Colt from her position over the Captain shoulder.

Spock raised his left eyebrow.   Pike moved his Queen it to the Bishop attack level and swung the attack level forward. “I’m sure Number One you know why, and I believe that is Checkmate,”

“Indeed it is Captain,” said Spock “An risky strategy but effective performed,”

Number One just sat back in her chair and said “Well played Christopher, Seem you still know how to best me,”

“Only at 3D Chess, Number One, anyway if you excuse me I’ve keep Yeoman Colt waiting long enough, we best go do those crew reports now, I’m sure Mister Spock can give you a good game in my stead,” said Pike,

“Of course Captain,” said Number One.

Pike nodded to his officers and led Yeoman Colt out of the mess hall.   “Number One, I have a question, if I may?” asked Spock

“Of Course Lieutenant, what do you wish to know?” answer Number One.

“Why you let the Captain win?” said Spock.

“O you notice that? Well because after Talos four, he seem to be suffering from doubts, and that is the last thing we need from our Captain, therefore allowing him to think he best me, should restore his confidence in himself,” answer Number One.

“Another risky strategy, but I find you logic sound, now may I offer you a proper game?” asked Spock.

Number One showed a rare smiled “Of course Spock,” answer Number One.



So there we go. Hope you enjoy that little slice from the beginnings or at least saw why I don’t do the Pike Era more myself. as yes i didn’t go into the Trinity as far as I like but isn’t that always the way?

Anyway pictures are as always courtesy of Trekcore.

Till next time Safe Trekking.

False Bill

The Trek Letter List – No. 7 Write A Letter To your Ex Love


Well after a longer break than I planned it time for FalseBill Blog “the second phase”.

So to get the ball rolling this is my seventh response to MirandaFave Homework challenge of a series of thirty Trek verse letters. A letter from one of my character to their ex-love. Which I’ve got to say seems an easy letter to do than some of the other but I’ve struggle for inspiration, then this morning I realize I being think about this wrong. So after the recent Undine attack on USS Ganges; as seen in Dance by the Pale moonlight again (

Here is Emmylou writing to her first love, her first command the Excelsior Class USS Trireme.

So without further ado, here is Admiral Emmylou Galyaski

Hello USS Trireme,

I’m know you didn’t get many letters indeed this might well be your first and last, but as I sit here in the Anastasiastad Colony emergency compound medical bay looking out the window over this old Starfleet facility from the mid 23rd Century, for some reason I’m thinking of the past and you, hence this letter.

I know that you can’t read, comprehend or respond to it especially as you went to the breakers yard over a decade ago. However I need to say thank you and saying it aloud seem slightly more nuts than writing this letter.


So thank you. You big lug, I mean your Enterprise-B variant wide front sensor wings on your secondary hull did make you a bit less graceful than your original sister Excelsior class and you were forever dipping your nose when ever we reversed, which did scare a few helms officers over the years. Though now I do wonder if it wasn’t just a private joke of yours.


I mean I know you were Captain Hooke ship first and you earned your tough as nail reputation amongst the enemies of the Federation long before I came onboard as a fresh face captain.

Yet despite spending the first few years together seemingly always being the Admirals personal Taxi service, we still had fun kick a few pirates’ backsides. I kind of always felt that no matter what I did, no matter how reckless I threw us into the fray you would endure and we would come out the other side with the mission accomplished.


We had a bond that is hard to describe to anyone who has never command a vessel of some type. I think it was a form of love; different from my love of my late husband Scott or my children but after my family I would have done anything to keep you going and get us back to space dock safely for a coat of fresh paint and repairs.


On top of that you were home, an environment where I always felt my children were safe onboard you and you did provide a wonderful environment for a young mother and her children.

I don’t know if they let starship into haven but I hope so as I wish to see you again beyond just that old oil painting of you that is still hanging in my quarters. 

I know I took you for grant and never said thank you for all you did so here it is belatedly thank you for everything. 



As Always all pictures are from Trekcore.

Feedback is welcome as always 😉 Till next time, Trek safe this day.


False Bill

Blog as a Character – Pocket Conflicts

This week’s blog prompt from Admiral Jespah is about small conflicts.

Stories need conflict. Otherwise, there’s not much to tell. But war, torture, divorce, bullying, and fights for survival aren’t the only conflicts out there. Some are just little things, like when someone doesn’t put the seat down leave the seat up.


So my character’s blog entry this time is to be about a conflict that’s anything but earth shattering.

So over to Captain Ha’rris on AOS USS Excalibur in 2261 

Ship log Stardate 2261.21

We have completed our operational trials and I can report bar a few minor non-operational matters, we are now space worthy and ready for active service.


Private Log Captain Ha’rris Stardate 2261.21

Well after a week to test the patience of a saint the Excalibur has completed her space-worthy trials and Starfleet Command has sign off on our fit for active service certificate.


However my biggest two biggest irritations remain, the turbo lift door on the bridge make a nerve-aching shriek ever time it opens. Seriously it sets everybody teeth on edge included the bridge crew who don’t have teeth.

I’ve had Chief Engineer Tulansen increase the lubrication around the door but to no avail. That door still shrieks like the proverbial banshee when it opens thus disrupting everybody who’s on the bridge.

AOS Bridge

Tulansen has ensured me that the shriek is just because the door is brand new and once we’ve worn it in, the noise will stop. I’m not hundred percent convinced by that despite the tricorder readings he shown me. I’m do wonder if there is a hidden defect in the door that we won’t find till we have a retrofit stop over in a year or two time.


The other thing that has become a serious irritation is the crew’s new random and irrational belief that we have a guardian angel onboard. As far as I can tell it started on the lower decks and is spreading upwards. From what my command crew can gather, it seems that  a couple of crewmen have reported seeing a strange humanoid women with red hair wearing a white dress sometimes with wings wondering the lower decks and preventing accidents or leading crewmembers to fault ship components.


We had another vision this morning from ‘D’ deck, so I asked Kallachit as my Security Chief to run a complete security sweep for a shape-shifter alien intruder. However after three shifts and a couple of false alarms, the senior officers and I have concluded we don’t have an unauthorized shapeshifter onboard but there is something behind this string of sightings.


Thus I have asked Doctor Joy Southcott to run the whole crew bloods through a tox-screen to look for any sign of foreign substances. That might explain these strange hallucinations. To date she has had no luck in finding a medical cause for these visions. So I’ve also asked Engineer Tulansen to double check the environmental controls but he has ensured me that they’re not report anything wrong with ship atmosphere nor are hand tricorders reporting anything different from the main controls.


I want to believe my X/O Commander Schick when she says it’s just new ship nerves and just like the bridge turbo-lift door noise, once we‘ve broke the ship in, the sightings will stop.


I want to believe that, these little blips are just nothing and when we get the ship run in they will stop and the Excalibur will meaningful contributing to the continual success of the United Federation of Planets.


Because as I a Xindi- Reptilian commanded this human built constitution class starship through federation space, I do dream that we’ll be the ones who finally unify the five surviving races of the Xindi together beneath one banner.


But to do that I need my crew to stop seeing mythical creatures on the lower decks, because after being mislead by the sphere-builders the last thing any Xindi want to hear, is anything to do with believe in supernatural beings.


Maybe next week things will be better once we get our real operational orders, Like a lot of the crew here I’m hoping for a five year exploration mission and not border dog patrol reinforcement.


End Log.


Well there you go.

Comments are welcome as always.

All Photo’s are from trekcore library.

As always till next time keep to the warp speed limit but I wish you safe trekking.


False Bill.

Boldly Reading – February Review – Matters Of The Heart

Well I’m trying to get on top of the various outstanding Admiral orders, so I’m work through them in chronically order, which makes my next task to tackle this outstanding review of the Matters of the Heart by M C Pehrson.

Further details of Admiral Jespah orders can be viewed at:

While Admiral Jespah interview with the Author can be viewed at: –


So onto the questions themselves: –

Q1. Lauren holds back because of what, exactly? Pride? Jealousy of Gillian Taylor?

A1. Having not had time to go back and read the early stories as recommended by the author I can’t be 100% sure of Lauren reasons but I have to say I think it’s fear.

As her main drivers seem to me to be a mix of: –

  • A fear of rejection,
  • A fear of finding the restore Spock isn’t the older Spock and she truly has lost him,
  • A fear of reopening all her old emotional wounds from their previous relationship.
  • An all to human fear of change, she wants to stay in the broken present (as sub-consciously represented by the damaged beach house).

While Lauren does seem to be slightly Jealous of Gillian it seems to me to be more because she closer to Spock as a friend than she is as an ex-lover.

Q2. Did her reasons make sense?

A2. Yes, most Humans do strange things because of their feelings and what people do because of fear of love is the strangest of all and this story does a good job of conveying Lauren (and Spock’s) inner turmoil.

Q3. What about Spock’s reasons for holding back?

A3. It seems to me that he still feels removed from who he was before his death and doesn’t quiet know how to reconnect to those who were important to him. I guess perhaps he afraid of showing how much the experience has effecting him and what he lost like his emotional discipline and especially the increase use of 20th century rude vocabulary. Maybe he worries his old friends will reject him if they think he isn’t the same man as before.


Q4. How has he changed, post-resurrection?

A4. He seems to have lost some of his Vulcan emotional control and began to let his human behavior creep in, hence why he seems in public to be to trying to act more Vulcan, as demonstrate by wearing his Vulcan formal (desert) robes during his visit to the cold Minneapolis and his Aunt Doris. Which isn’t a logical action like he seems to be trying to tell him self that it is.


Q4a. Were his changes believable?

A4a. Having not died and being brought back I can’t say for sure, but they do seem logical steps on the road back to balance after resurrection.

Q5. What should happen to T’Beth?

Q5a. Do you think Spock should hand his child over to his aunt?

A5. Honestly based upon this story alone I’m not sure what the base course of action for T’Beth is. Family links are important and the fact that both Amanda and Spock can see some merit in the idea means it might not be a bad idea. I still feel she be better off with her father more than anyone else.

Q6. Can Doris be trusted not to just turn T’Beth into a full-blown human type of person? Or will T’Beth’s Vulcan heritage be respected?

A6. I have Insignificant evidence to answer that one, I think Doris feels some guilt over past actions towards Spock and for that reason I think she would try to respect T’Beth Vulcan Heritage, I’ve just doubts about her being able to do it long term. After all I can’t foresee many Vulcan’s living Minneapolis.

Q7. What was the climax of the story?

A7. The accidentally meeting in the Park between Lauren and Spock, and both of them are force to try and deal with their hidden feelings, the climax is then drawn out till the honest phone call between them, which stills leaves the unanswered personal questions hanging in the air.

Q7a. Did it devolve to a satisfactory conclusion?

A7a. In the sense that it wasn’t a happy ending no, it didn’t reach a satisfactory conclusion. However in the sense that Spock and Lauren are speaking again and setting up the next chapter it was a pitch perfect conclusion.

Q8. What happens right after the curtain comes down on the story?

A8. Lauren and Spock get a good night sleep.


Q9. Where would you take these characters – and this ship – next?

A9. As I’ve said before there not my characters, so I wouldn’t take them anywhere.

If I did have control of them, I think I be tempt to having Spock visit Lauren at the beach house after speaking with McCoy or Kirk about the matter.


Final Comments

Despite having not read M C Pehrson earlier stories in the series, this was an enjoyable read and only required a basic understanding of the aftermath of Star Trek III and IV. The prose was solid and easy to read, to the extent I was able to focus on the story itself. That was well though out piece.

Spock and the other known cannon character all seem to be in keeping with the movies portrayal.

I would recommend it but I might suggest you follow the author advice and start at the beginning rather than jump straight in.

As always all Blog pictures are courtesy of

Till next time safe Trekking.


False Bill