TToT 2014 W5 Day 4: Bittersweet

Well it’s Day four of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty is: – Bittersweet

Hmm that is a good prompt from Admiral SL Walker, So many ideas going round in my head and none wants to go to the forefront. So let’s go back to basics and a quick look at the Everyday Dictionary definition that says: –

Bittersweet adjective

1. Sweet but with a bitter aftertaste.

2. Pleasant but with a mixture of something sad or unpleasant.

Well I’m sure all Trekkie are use to the bittersweet feeling from watching the last movie, as Star Trek into Darkness, watching the mishandle of the Khan storyline was quite sad and yet the international viewing figures and the number of new fans that the movie brought in to the old TOS is most pleasant.

Or the Fate of Star Trek Enterprise after it best season ending on a below grade show and then the follow up books all ruined by the simple fact that authors for some reason can’t seem to accept that Trip died.

For some reasons this prompt is starting to scream for a Naurr story, so after the cover picture from the captain table on the Ariane above it time to go over to Chef Naurr on the Ariane. Written DEITDJW as usual.



Ariane NX-04

Captain Douglas Gorrim was walked pass the ship’s mess hall and was greet by an wonderful aroma of cooked food, that was so strong his stomach rumbling divert him to go and investigate the source.

He walked into the mess hall and was surprise to find it was full and yet the crew was all eating a strange color soup in silence.

“Captain! Do you want word soup?” asked his Caitian chef from the door to the Kitchen.

Despite his hunger, Douglas curiosity came first, so he asked.

“Evening Naurr, what’s word soup?”

“My latest creation, after the recent discomfiture, is that the right word of my chocolate poisoning joint with the fake bomb terror. I try to create something sweet yet bitter that we could all enjoy and make it up to the crew. I have achieved a hit I think” Replied Naurr

“It does smell very good but you didn’t need to go to the extra effort, we all understand the problems of a silent ‘e’ even if the Romulans don’t.”

Said Douglas with a smile.

“That is caring of you to say Captain, I offer you some soup but all the first ration has gone already.” Said Naurr.

“That’s alright Naurr. I was only passing by I’ll eat at the normal time. But why did you call it word soup?”

“Lieutenant Cassandra said she was missing alphabet pasta in red sauce, from her childhood, I didn’t have any reds or pasta in the shape of your alphabet, so I decide to do a simple spicy carrot soup but add vegetables and fruit cut into the shapes of your common symbols, so it a soup full of earth words hence word soups.”

“Did Cassandra like your gesture?” asked Douglas

Naurr pull a face before answering.

“Cassandra said all of my soups are far to spicy for her, so she had a corn beef Caesar salad instead,”

“I think after the firewater soup of last week, I can understand her having hesitation about trying it but I’m sure she appreciated the gesture if the not the soup,” Said Douglas.

“If you think so, she said as much but she did quickly disappear with one of the new MACO Officers, so I’m not sure she like her salad either,” replied Naurr.

“Naurr I think your food had nothing to do with that, don’t worry, you’ll see her at breakfast,” said Douglas.

“O good I doing one of her other favorite Ravioli for breakfast,” said Naurr.

Seeing Naurr smile Douglas didn’t have the heart to suggest anything different for breakfast to his alien friend.


Till next time Safe Trekking.

False Bill