TToT2014 W5 Day Seven: Guessing

Well it’s day seven and given the day is nearly dead in the UK of the fifth week daily challenges and the prompt for today from the Admiralty has yet to emerge, So I’m just going to have to go with Guessing.


Yes I thinking the Admiralty is trying out our self-initiative skills test.

So here a ficlet


“Ku Cliq, Buzz-click,” said Schick from her Science station.

“You can’t say that Schick,” said Inulie from the Navigation station.

“Well she did and I agree with our X/O,” said Kallachit from the Helm.

“Kallachit, watch your station or watch the fishes on the view-screen,” said Jolene from the communication stations.

“Buzz-click, kliq, click, scrape, kq, click,” said Schick.

“Don’t try sweet talking me,” said Jolene

“Naw she should cocoon you again,” laughed Kallachit


“That is enough, I know it boring waiting for the ship’s internal pressure to equalize as we go down to the required depth to enter the Aquatic city but we will act with decor.” Said Captain Ha’rris.

“Well can we play guess the content of the mysterious cargo? Instead,” asked Kallachit

“No Kallachit, we won’t,” said Ha’rris.

“Click click klic,” said Schick.

“Okay takes us down the next five hundred fathoms then Kallachit,” order Ha’rris.

“Executing now Captain,” said Kallachit.

The bridge crew all watch on the view screen as the ship sunk deeper still into the alien ocean.

“Klick? cq, kli click-click ku?” suddenly said Schick

“How big a fish are we talking about Schick?” asked Ha’rris

“Click-click scrape buzz-kliq,” replied Schick.

“That massive, Get it up on the view-screen Inulie, increase deflector screens strength,” order Ha’rris

Inulie fingers flew over the console and the transparent screen darken as the rear view was projected over it showinga massive creature bearing down on the ship.

“That is one big fish!” said Jolene

“Schick, check the database, see if we are in any real risk,” said Ha’rris

“Ckikc,” answer Schick.

“Red alert, shields and deflectors to full strength,” said Ha’rris

“Shields up, charging weapons” said Kallachit.

“Click, CL Kliq click ck, rustle!” said Schick

“I’m a starship Captain not a marine biologist so get one up here. Kallachit if try to do that to the ship you have my permission to use the phasers to tell it shove off” Said Ha’rris.


As always all your feedback comments are welcome.

Till next time Safe Trekking.

False Bill