3-4-All #8 Other Fandoms fictions

Well the latest Starfleet communiqué from Admiral SLWalker requires an investigation of a strange temporal anomaly from outside federation space.

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Q1. Do you have any other fandoms you participate in aside Star Trek?

A1. I don’t participate in many other fandoms, I mean I do write the occasional Dr. Who/Torchwood, Super-heroes and once even attempting a bit of Discworld, however unlike Star Trek and Ad Astra I can’t find an forum/archive fandoms where I feel like I want to put my attempts up.



Q2. Are there any you’re interested in?

A2. Yes, those I write I like to write plus Stargate and Xena, okay it a guilt secret, but again I struggle to find any good single source sites, I will skip over fanfiction.net which with good intentions try to be to broad and thus you can never find what you want or any consistent themes.


Q3. Any original work you do?

A3. Yes the occasional Fantasy Viking Saga and the rare Steampunk story. Again these remain hidden away in the depth of my remote hard drive.


Q4. And do you ever find something you do there inspires something you do here?

A4. Always. As the practice of writing to Kes7 weekly free writes and the type of characters allows me to think of some-things that helps one of my other stories worlds.

Well as always thanks to trekcore for the Star Trek Pictures and other free screen cap archives for the others.

Thanks for reading, hope it shed a little light on the mystery that is alternative fandoms.

till next time Thanks for reading and stay safe.