The Trek Letter List – No.1 Letter to a best friend

Well MirandaFave has set a new MF Homework challenge a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Feel free to see the original post here:-

The first challenge is a letter between Best Friends.


Well whom should I pick for this treatment…

I think it’s time for a bit of Emmylou and Xenktid during the Dominion War.


To: Lt. Commander Galyaski

USS Atlantis

Greetings Emmylou,

Sorry this is so short but I’m dashing it off during a quiet moment of my current convoy escorting. However my crew and I have claimed our ace of Galor cruisers.

Anyway congratulations are in order on your field promotion to first officer of USS Atlantis and your part in repealing the first Dominion assault of Cait. While I know you will easily raise to the challenge. I can only wish it was under better conditions. Indeed I’m starting to think my Victory Cocktail Party will involve half of the Admiralty board. Though even if you are an Admiral, I’m expecting you to hold back my hair when I puke after the last cocktail experiment.


Just remember as you’re now an X/O of a Galaxy class you’ve got to keep not just your ship running smoothly but also every other ship in your fleet in the loop. Still I’m sure you’ll rise to the challenge.

I shall see you soon. 



To Captain Xenktid

USS Hurricane

Hello Xenktid, 

I’m glad to hear from you, thanks for your letter and congratulations and my congratulations on your ace kill. I hope you’ll forgive me if I say that I’m hoping that Starfleet losses doesn’t get so bad that we’re all Admirals at your Victory Cocktail Party. Still if you’re an Admiral I’m expecting you to get a decent brand of gin in.


Fingers crossed I see you well soon, keep those conveys safe.

I hope to write again soon, hopefully when the seize of Cait is fully lifted.

Love Emmylou.