3-4-All – It’s Trek but not as we know it

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Despite the NaNoWriMo ion storm currently been set in, Admiral Jespah has sent the following orders: – http://boldlyreading.com/2013/11/08/blog-prompt-13-whats-star-trek/

Q1. What does it mean to you when a story is described as being Star Trek?

A1. That it’s written with the ethos of wagon train to the stars!

Anyway a more serious answer is that it is set in Star trek (multi) verse involving characters from the United Federation of Planets or their enemies.

So many parallels

So many parallels

(I got to say that I think at least half the criticism I hear of the Alternate Original Series or NuTrek, are similar to the ones about Deep Space Deep when it first came to the airwaves).

Q2. What are the characteristics?

A2. It has heroes who do heroic things in space, with warp drives and phasers, to uphold a moral and just universe. But it has a sense of fun in it soul


Q3. Is there a bright line between Trek and not-Trek?

A3. Bizarrely yes and no

Let me try and explain, that answer, if you were to watch an episode of Doctor Who set on a starship, would you mistake it for Star Trek? No despite the fact that it a about an alien timeship captain and his crew fighting to uphold a moral and just universe.


Also if you watched an episode the space-station based show Babylon 5, and despite them been almost direct rivals for most of the two shows run, you knew an episode from Babylon Five from DS9 and vice versa wouldn’t fit in the other shows writing.

Yet you only need to listen to the STO Foundry fans “Foundry Roundtable” podcast to hear people, are trying to re-write their favorite episode of Doctor Who, Stargate and Babylon Five and any other sci-fi show you care to mention so that it fits in Trek Verse and fits STO World view. So it clear Trek is a broad church and can adopt from many other verses, so the line will be blurred if you look at the storyline, so I stand by Star Trek remains one of the few places where heroes are still allowed to be heroic.


Bonus questions!

Q4. What are some of your favorite explorations of AOS on Ad Astra?

A4. I think Niobium, Jespah and TemplarSora have both done excellent AOS stories and I would point to:-



Q5. How do you think these stories would change if they took place in TOS or one of the other series? 

The Characters might change but I see a good AOS story been able to fit into any other Trek Series, Indeed I like to see after the third AOS movie, for them to carry it forward and show us Enterprise-D or Enterprise-E, DS9 and Voyager as they are in AOS verse, what the same and what is different. I mean a lot of people seem to think the destruction of Vulcan will change the outcome of the Dominion War, personnel given the Vulcan reclusive ness and lack of them in Starfleet to start with, plus time ability to self heal, I suspect the Federation/Klingon allies will still defeat the Dominion but the Dominion might get a little close to the other core worlds.


Anyway, I must get back to slaying this year NaNoWriMo beast; sorry the answer is a bit short. Anyway all thoughts and feedback welcome are always,



4 thoughts on “3-4-All – It’s Trek but not as we know it

  1. janetgershensiegel

    Oh, lovely! Thanks for responding!

    And I thank you for the kind shout-out.

    I agree that a lot of the bellyaching about AOS is similar to what was said about DS9 (and about ENT, too, for that matter). This can be a fandom that’s mighty hard to please at times.

    I like your idea, that Dr. Who isn’t Trek, and neither is Babylon 5, yet, yeah, we see people attempting crossovers all the time (with varying degrees of success and imagination).

    It’s a little like Justice Potter Stewart’s famous definition of pornography, … [I may not be able to define it, but] … I know it when I see it.”

    Well, we know Trek when we see it, eh? Hope you slay the beast!

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  3. mirandafave

    As jespah concurred, these are valid points and arguments that have been made before. It is a little saddening at times to see fans of the one franchise bash or dismiss other branches of the same fandom. Given the IDIC philosophy touted by our heroes it is strange we as fans don’t always follow those principles and accept the differences and wide range of opinions and likes.

    It’s a big universe out there. Lots for us to like in a franchise as big and expansive as Trek. As fan fiction writers we but only add exponentially to that universe. Therefore, there’s something for everyone. Equally, there’s stuff out there we aren’t going to like but we should find it par the course and respect it and maybe see some merit along the lines.


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