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The Trek Letter List – No.1 Letter to a best friend

Well MirandaFave has set a new MF Homework challenge a series of thirty Trek verse letters.  Feel free to see the original post here:-

The first challenge is a letter between Best Friends.


Well whom should I pick for this treatment…

I think it’s time for a bit of Emmylou and Xenktid during the Dominion War.


To: Lt. Commander Galyaski

USS Atlantis

Greetings Emmylou,

Sorry this is so short but I’m dashing it off during a quiet moment of my current convoy escorting. However my crew and I have claimed our ace of Galor cruisers.

Anyway congratulations are in order on your field promotion to first officer of USS Atlantis and your part in repealing the first Dominion assault of Cait. While I know you will easily raise to the challenge. I can only wish it was under better conditions. Indeed I’m starting to think my Victory Cocktail Party will involve half of the Admiralty board. Though even if you are an Admiral, I’m expecting you to hold back my hair when I puke after the last cocktail experiment.


Just remember as you’re now an X/O of a Galaxy class you’ve got to keep not just your ship running smoothly but also every other ship in your fleet in the loop. Still I’m sure you’ll rise to the challenge.

I shall see you soon. 



To Captain Xenktid

USS Hurricane

Hello Xenktid, 

I’m glad to hear from you, thanks for your letter and congratulations and my congratulations on your ace kill. I hope you’ll forgive me if I say that I’m hoping that Starfleet losses doesn’t get so bad that we’re all Admirals at your Victory Cocktail Party. Still if you’re an Admiral I’m expecting you to get a decent brand of gin in.


Fingers crossed I see you well soon, keep those conveys safe.

I hope to write again soon, hopefully when the seize of Cait is fully lifted.

Love Emmylou.

3-4-All #015 Blog as a Character – Transitions

Captain’s Log Star-date 67463.6

Admiral Jespah XV & Miranda Fave has just sent through new orders, which can be viewed by any of the crew USS False Bill at: –

After some debate I have decide to ask Admiral Emmylou Galyaski of Starbase USS Ganges to respond on my behalf, as Captain Lily seems to have acquired a two day R&R pass from someone.

Private Log Star-date 84009.83

Dear Diary,

How are you? Me? Oh I’m much the same as yesterday only that the mysterious non-corporeal force known only as FalseBill appeared in my office this morning and proceeded to set me the task of answering some questions for him least he do something nasty to myself and the station personnel under my command.

However the questions aren’t the easiest, so I’ve got the whole USS Ganges Command Crew to help out. I attached a recording of this morning discussion on the questions.


Q1. How do you handle transitions?


Ike: That’s a bit of an open-end question to start with!

Jalke’i:  What sort of transitions? I mean I didn’t handle been transfer from the Station onto the Q skating ring that well.

Emmylou: No Jalke’i I don’t think that what the question is getting at.

Luxani: Traditionally non-corporeal life forms are more interested in emotional changes perhaps you should discuss one of your recent emotional transitions Admiral?

Emmylou: Which would you suggest Councillor?

Luxani: Well becoming a widow was a major transition—

Emmylou: Luxani, the lower cargo-store room does need an full deep clean and re-inventory by hand were you just volunteering?

Jalke’i: Why not try a happy transition instead, like meeting me for the first time

Senezqu: Happy transition, meeting you?

Jalke’i: Hey—

Emmylou: Number One, that is uncalled for!

Reqknor: Arresting Jalke’i and you Admiral for the first time in that Dixon Hill Holo-adventure was a happy transition for me.

Emmylou: Glad you enjoy that.

Ike: Was it the completing the holo-novel or the Admiral in handcuffs that did it for you then Reqknor?

Emmylou: Ike!

Senezqu: Mister Minorus, that ‘s a whole inappropriate question in a staff meeting.

Luxani: Yes we all know that it was Jalke’i in handcuffs that did it.

Emmylou: Councillor!

Senezqu: Shall I ask Dr. Chamze to scan the station for remaining traces of the cupid various Admiral?

Emmylou: Now that’s one transition I don’t want to be reminded of, when all my senior staff turned into a bunch of love-struck Romeo & Juliet’s and kept trying to romance me.

Senezqu: perhaps we should just answer, very badly?

Emmylou: yes the Answer to question one is very badly.


Q2. Do they frighten you? Inspire you? Sicken you? Amuse you?


Ike: Well that depends upon the transitions because it’s could be any of them.

Luxani: I do agree with you Ike.

Emmylou: fine that easy, Watching people reveal via transition to be a member of species 8472—

Senezqu: I believe it prefer to called them the Undine these days.

Emmylou: 8472 or Undine the tipeds infiltrators watching the reveal transitions is frightening what ever they’re called as a species.

Jalke’i: Well when you put your game face on that inspires me Admiral.

Ike: Jalke’i turning into the Admiral’s number one fan-girl–.

Luxani: Now Ike, you should book a session with me to discuss your problem with—

Emmylou: In the room, can you three take this off-line please?

Ike: Yes Admiral.

Senezqu: now watching those three face transition changes, when you tell them off does amuse me, Admiral.

Emmylou: A reminder I’ve still got a lower cargo-store room needing a full deep clean and re-inventory by hand, so be nice to each other.


Then my dear diary is when we got onto the awkward question with two parts to save my crew blushes I’ve only included the essential part of the conversation.

Q3. Tell us about a memorable transition: –

Q3a. One that went well?

Emmylou: Taking command of my first command the USS Trireme and get my eldest child Sophia to accept life in a starship nursery without a hiss-fit.

Jalke’i: Going from a happy-go luck cadet to a serious Starfleet ensign on graduating the academy.

Ike: A serious Starfleet ensign?

Jalke’i: Yes, hence why I’m the Admiral’s best personnel assistant.

Senezqu: My marriage to my beautiful Klingon bride Grilkasa, I want from a stuffy by the book officer to a more rounded individual, with a wider cultural appreciation.

Ike: More rounded Senezqu? I’m going to call Doctor Chamze now we clearly had a break out of a different strain of the cupid virus; everybody has gone lovesick and Delusional.

Luxani: You know cynicism doesn’t suit you Ike.

Emmylou: No but cleaning the lower storeroom does, we see you later Ike.

Ike: Yes Admiral.


Q3b. One that didn’t go so well?

Ike: having to go and clean the lower storeroom.

Luxani: Bye Ike.

Well diary I didn’t tell the senior officers but I know one of the worse transition I had to endure was the day I finally got my Scott, may he rest in peace, to admit and face up to his binge drinking problem. It was so hard going from a happy couple to one with miss-trust issues ever time alcohol was around, it took far too long to work our way through that issue. The only transition memory that was nearly as bad was back when I became the USS Atlantis X/O after the first battle of Cait and my first task was working out just who and how many friends and colleagues we lost in that failed Dominion assault, at least that horrid only last a day.

Bonus questions!

Let’s say you meet a character. It could be a canon person, or not. They might be from your universe, or not.

Dear Diary it’s me again now what on Earth does FalseBill mean by Canon person? I’ve consulted the Starfleet database and even the Federation interweb database and both are just drawing a blank, so I’ll just go with historical hero or heroine instead.

Well as soon as I said that change to the bonus questions, Jalke’i said she wanted to answer these questions, so over to Jalke’i

Thanks Admiral, the persons I most like to go back and meet so I could help them would be Prime Minister Kulei and Commodore Lily Fitzroy just before Centauran first contact with the Federation.


Q4. What would you tell them about a transition that they might be going through?

A4. Well I tell Kulei that she is leading the Centauran through it most important transition in its history, to have less faith in the old court and judges system and not listen to old myths and start first contact by provoking Lily via aggressive greetings.

I also tell Lily not to wear the formal uniform hat to the meeting with Kulei and go with a Vulcan hand salute rather than an Earth handshake.


Q5. How could you help them with it?

A5. Well having attending the Academy course on diplomacy and first contacts I’ve read and writing essay on both ladies biographies and have watched the classic Centauran film ‘Successful Failure’ as part of my first year at the academy. I understand


Q6. Would you help them?

A6. Screw the Temporal prime directive, I would offer both Kulei and Captain Lily Fitzroy my sage advice and experience to prevent the tragic misunderstanding that was Centauran First Contact.


Till next time XXX & OOO to you diary.

Admiral Emmylou Galyaski

USS Ganges

MeanderFave Homework on Characters

Well Miranda Fave set the Homework for the Ad Astras writers of: –

“What approaches do you take to writing and conceiving your characters? Do you have their milestones and the path that made them mapped out already? Do you perhaps also have their future map laid out? How do you go about realizing and bringing from conception to written reality your characters?”

See his original Blog at: –



Does Random count as an answer? Then again why that might be true for me it not the whole truth. Perhaps chaotic would be a better word.

To explain that strange sentence further let look at my major character, I know you’ve only seen them mostly from my weekly Free writes on the forum, () as I don’t like putting story in the archive till their finished. While I’m happy to create and put Don’t Edit it to Death just write DEITDJW scene ideas straight from my brain here for comment.

So in time honored fashion ladies first,

  • Emmylou Galyaski

Emmylou start off as an idea to create a character with a story stretch from the end of the dominion war to the start of Star Trek Online Verse (now if only I had time to join and play STO),

Though I didn’t just want to create a Mary Sue character just re-visiting the events of destiny and STO history, so I decide she need to have a husband but I felt they need to stay separate, hence I made him another Starfleet Captain Scott Trieres, so they be force to communicate via video letters, but I want to ask the other questions of family life for a captain(s) in Starfleet and hence why the unexpected ‘joyful’ accident and introduction of their daughter Sophia.

During a medium flight I only had pen and paper, having forgotten anything else, so I try to write Emmylou story but I could remember any of the other characters name, so I move it forward to the end of her career when she is a vice/rear admiral (I did keeping mixing them when I wrote Emmylou on that flight). So I created her Admiral PA the delightful Ensign Jalke’I Palver and put them on a runabout heading to research station to investigate while the report quality was dropping off at that station.

Upon my return the Ad Astra Forums Weekly Free Writes,

I found 097 Sweetness was the current topic and as I just been writing Admiral Emmylou, I wrote the sweetness story, this is where she acquire a taste for sweet white wine when off-duty that I will retro add back to the USS Trireme time frame.
So that is how Emmylou came to be and the rest of her is been discovered as I write WFW, thou her MU counterpart, I’ve discovered by just placing her in the same verse and seeing where the inherit unfairness and greed of that universe took her. Turn out the Mozart facility.

  • Lily Fitzroy

Lily was an accidental creation as the Commodore who punched the Centuran Ambassador not mentioned in Emmylou and Jalke’I first meeting, when Emmylou used the Vulcan hand sign to greet Jalke’I rather than offer to shake her hand, in WFW 091 First berth.

So I need a Commodore, who was hot tempter enough to punch a Prime minister during first contact and yet her rank meant she need to be not some hothead.
Then watching a terrestrial repeat of AOS ST Move, I realize that the Kelvin era, had potential. The Kelvin class seen dark and very crowd going on crew numbers listed by Pike, something that would put pressure on the ship crew. It would also allow for me to place Centuarian characters in my TOS/AOS series later, so it seemed a perfect fit. Then for reasons know only to my subconscious mind it cast British actress Louise Jamieson (70’s Doctor Who Leela) in this role.

So I wrote the Prime minister incident and after some help from LBD and Cadetcowgirl1701 on Beta boards, I post the three-part story about Lily meeting with the Centaurans into the Archive. Strangely I then feel the need to continue her story now and again in the WFW. First in WFW 02 when Admiral Ineiri & Torquil stood up to the UFP President about her actions and the right level of punishment for that incident. It was during WFW Where I learnt her first posting was to the Daedalus class USS Tabard and she was on helm at the infamous battle of Ulirku.

Lily is still revealing herself to me but the more I write her the more I suspect she broken somehow in her childhood past and while her first best destiny might be starship captain, I’m starting to feel she someone who need to be busy running a starship to avoid the pain of the past, but what that is, I’m yet to discover the incident.

  • Ineiri

The Aenar Admiral was created as someone to have a reason to defend Lily from the annoyed UFP President, but she need a reason to care about Lily, then it hit me to get to that post, she had to have serve with Lily previously, then I had a rare brain wave. She was Lily first No.1 when she first took command of the Argonaut, since then Ineiri had proved herself as a captain on her own and became recently become an admiral, but she wouldn’t of done this if Lily had look past the blindness and give her a chance to shiny as an X/O when most other Captains look over her for the racial blindness of the Aenar.
I did write a story for Ineiri in WFW 016 to try and give her more back-story about why she loyal to Lily if she now out ranks her. Not a success of a story and won’t go to the archive without a major re-think and re-write.

Now to the Gentlemen,

  • Ha’rris and Kallachit of Nausicaan

Kallachit is the perfect example of my chaotic approach to character creation, I knew I want to write an AOS series and to use the bigger budget of my imagination to have more aliens in the crew mix, I suddenly envisage the need for an alien captain who was tough and then the Idea of using a Xindi-reptilian seem a nice fit, I could picture him on his bridge in the gold shirt, but while doing that I also pictured Schick the Xindi-insectoid in a mini-skirt at science and a Nausicaan at the front desk. So I need to know these two unexpected characters, Kallachit I knew had to be a renegade from Nausicaan society and need a reason to be in Starfleet, and his story became my first post to the Archive.

And back to the Ladies

  • Schick & Jolene Lallason

The Xindi-Insectoid in a mini-skirt remain a mystery on Ha’rris bridge as there are an Aphrodite specie according to memory alpha till WFW 099 when Schick a Xindi-insectoid with gender alignment issue and Jolene Lallason turn up for a very IDIC relationship, both characters stuck mainly as writing Schick in click is a fun challenge and have both characters have been added to my provisional but growing crew list for the forthcoming AOS Excalibur series.

And finally but not least

  • Douglas Gorrim

The Captain of the NX-04 Ariane, was never intend as a major character, he was just going to be another NX captain to turn up to meet with Archer, when I got round to writing more of that series, but seeing Jespah and other better Enterprise stories I kind of shy away from those stories, so when I had the idea of using WFW 09 ‘Backpfeifengesicht’ as a code word to attack a temporally enemy, I knew it required a Enterprise Era Captain that wasn’t Archer or Hernandez, so I gave Douglas the role, and he grabbed it with two hands and went on a eight WFW arc to defeat the alien ‘Chilo’ attempt to wipe out the federation by destroying the preserver race from ancient history. Douglas just came into been and leaped off the page with no planning and it via those WFW I’ meet the character and got to learn him.


Well that an insight into my inner mind working, I’m not sure I can say I’ve got a fixed way to create a character, I have at time feel like I discover them rather than created them. Some are popular and some aren’t but like all writers I’m determine to treat them all the same and find the story that fit each of them and shows their good with their bad sides, to be full 3D characters.

So yes my answer teacher remains Chaotic.

Thanks for readings, sorry about the lack of pretty pictures, bar the one from Miranda Fave.