3-4-All Prompt #11 – To AU, or not to AU?

Fleet Admiral Steff has issued new orders, which can be viewed at: –


So without any further ado lets us see what the various trousers of time hold.


A1. Do I like writing alternate universes? Well as it could be argue that all Star Trek Fanfic is AU as it will likely as not all be wrong whenever the next Movie or TV season comes out. Then I could reply as I write Trek Fanfic it could be said naturally I enjoy AU writing 😉


If we ignore that twist line of though and look at AU where a major cannon fact is change, such as Kirk or Picard is never born, or maybe what if Riker or Shelby command the Enterprise-D/F instead after Best of Both Worlds, or AOS stories. Then yes I do enjoy reading and writing these stories to see where they go, I do indeed enjoy the occasional writing trip to the Mirror universe or  other trek universe stories, but then my ISS Ares NX-04, Lily on the USS Argonaut or Sclick and Ha’rris of the USS Excalibur would show that, (Well they would if I actually got round to writing/editing them and actually posting them to the Ad Astra Archive).

Not this future Enterprise :(



A2. So Admiral Steff is asking more specific do I like branching my key characters off and seeing where a different path leads them?

Then again to a to a less extent I would still say yes, not that I’ve written one of those stories in a while, but I do have a couple planned.


A3. Where do I start a AU Story?

Like all my stories I start where my Muse leads me to, So I can’t give a good honest answer to this, I just go with the flow, for example part of the reason I first created Lily and the USS Argonaut was created was to do a single sliding door series showing how the little changes get bigger the further the AOS gets from the destruction of the Kelvin however for one reason or another this is currently a pipe dream but maybe I start it one day. (Maybe I’ll try as part as this year NaNoWriMo project). 

Actually while my brain is in order, for the October Story Challenge of Dress up I was struck by the simple idea if the TOS Story ‘The Menagerie’ was made a DS9 story, focus on Wolf instead of Spock past then the decade old story would be the TNG Crew, and it start rolling from there.


A metal butterfly is about to flap it's wings.

A metal butterfly is about to flap it’s wings.

A4. How do I go about it?

Like any other story, I let my muse lead me to the key “what if” question and then try to work out the likely new effects.

So many parallels

So many parallels

Well it was a short mission this week so all that is left is for me to say thank you for taking the time to read and constructive comments or questions welcomed as always.